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Adam McArthur is an American actor. He voices Marco Diaz and Big Chicken on Star vs. the Forces of Evil.


One of McArthur's most notable roles is voicing Lee-Char in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He also voices characters on other animation shows, and on-screen on some nationally aired commercials. In martial arts, he specializes in kung fu, has been a champion at some tournaments, and has been the featured subject of several documentaries that have aired on PBS.

McArthur graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in Acting and Television Production, and has worked with improv groups in the Los Angeles area. As a martial artist, he specializes in Wushu kung fu, and other forms such as judo. He started when he was 11. In 2003, he was an All Around Grand Champion in the Adult Male Traditional category at the UC Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Tournament. In 2006, he was selected for the documentary Kung Fu: Journey to the East where he and fellow martial arts practitioner Kristi Jordan visited China to learn from martial arts experts and perform at a stage presentation at the Shaolin Temple. The show was broadcast on PBS. He would return in 2014 for another PBS-broadcast documentary called Shaolin Kung Fu Monks where he follows the group as they go on a worldwide tour with stops in Moscow, New York City, and Los Angeles.

McArthur was involved in theater throughout high school and college, and has worked at ComedySportz in Los Angeles as part of their improv team. In 2015, he starred in an Audi commercial called "The Scripted Life" which aired during the 2015 Emmy Awards and was also nominated for several awards among film festivals and advertising critics.


  • McArthur calls fans of Marco "Meatballs."[1]
  • McArthur supports the Star/Marco (or "Starco") relationship in the fandom.
  • Adam, like his character Marco, is a martial artist.

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