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The Bounce Lounge is a nightclub in a cloudy dimension where creatures from various dimensions hang out and dance. The ground below the clouds is lined completely with spikes; an animated skeleton in a blue hat is seen impaled on them. Pony Head, Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz come here in "Party With a Pony".

The Lounge also briefly appears in "St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses".

In the episode of the same name, Star and Pony Head learn that the Bounce Lounge will be closing for good because of dwindling business, leaving the owner, Milly Sparkles, unable to keep up with her mortgage payments. With the help of their old Bounce Crew and Marco, Star and Pony Head manage to raise enough money to keep the Bounce Lounge's doors open. Despite their efforts, Milly closes the club anyway because after partying for five thousand years, she has grown tired of it.


  • The Bounce Lounge briefly appears in the intro.


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