To all who seek the path of knowledge,
listen well to this decree.
Surrender to the eye of justice.
Swear an oath of truth to me.
―Box of Truth[src]

The Box of Truth, also called Truth or Punishments, is a magical truth-telling device that Star Butterfly, Marco Diaz, Pony Head, Jackie Lynn Thomas, Janna Ordonia, and StarFan13 use as a party game in "Sleepover".


The Box of Truth is a bluish-green cube with lighter blue lines covering all of its sides like a circuit board. When the game is turned on, the box glows and the lines stick out slightly from the its sides. The game also has a voice and mind of its own and possesses at least some level of external awareness, since it knew that Star had baked brownies shortly before the game started.

As the game begins, each player must stick their little finger in the mouth of the box's demon face and swear to tell the truth. The objective of the game is for the players to truthfully answer three progressively difficult questions or face punishments that gradually increase in severity. Said punishments can include a ticklish electric shock, mutation, or even death. In addition, once the game begins, it traps the players in a giant metal cube and refuses to let them leave until all three questions have been answered truthfully.

If the box detects that too many lies have been told, it transforms into a monstrous diamond-shaped creature with two mouths that will try to eliminate the source of the lies. However, it is possible to confuse and terminate the box's programming by presenting it with a truth/lie paradox.

In the episode "Butterfly Trap", the Box of Truth is used during the trial of Eclipsa Butterfly. Here, its appearance differs, with a single eye being present at all times.


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  • Truth or Punishments is similar to the classic party game "Truth or Dare" and the television game show Truth or Consequences.
  • The Box is voiced by Sean Schemmel, who is best known for providing the voice of adult Goku in the Funimation dub of the Dragon Ball franchise.
  • In "Butterfly Trap", it is revealed that the Box of Truth actually has multiple settings, and that the one used for Truth or Punishments is the "party" setting. Other settings include "intervention", "bachelorette", and "trial".