Britta's Tacos is a Mexican-themed fast-food restaurant in Echo Creek.


Britta's Tacos is a restaurant with a white outside and red roof. On one side of it, there is a sign that says "Britta's Tacos" with an ordering window right below it and a menu next to the ordering window. There are two tables on the outside with large umbrellas. There is also a large taco-shaped sign that says "Tacos".

Among the items on Britta's Tacos' menu include tacos, burritos, and Mexican horchata with milk.


In "Star vs. Echo Creek", Star and Marco eat here for lunch. When Star covers her burrito in sugar, calling it a "sugarrito", Marco is disgusted and refuses to let Star put sugar on his taco, calling it "sacrilege". Because of the sugar rush, Star casts random spells to make fireworks. She ends up destroying the taco sign with her "Rainbow Glitter Unicorn Gnome Hat Kitty Bacon Hawaiian Nightmare" spell, and the sign lands on a police car, forcing her and Marco to hide.

In "Running with Scissors", Marco orders a burger and a soda from Britta's Tacos using Star's dimensional scissors and eats it in his room.

In "Starcrushed", when the Magic High Commission storms Ludo's monster temple, Hekapoo uses her scissors to send Ludo's bald eagle and giant spider minions to Earth, and they end up right outside Britta's Tacos. In "Book Be Gone", they return to the monster temple with Britta's Tacos food and merchandise.

In "Rest in Pudding", Janna is seen twice eating a burrito and reading at Britta's Tacos while having a conversation on the phone with Star, giving her advice on her situation with Glossaryck.

In "Conquer", Hekapoo briefly ends up outside the restaurant during her and her friends' battle against Meteora Butterfly.


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