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S2E15 Queen Butterfly and her family listen to River

Queen Moon Butterfly and her family in "Game of Flags".

The Butterfly family is a family of royals that are native to Mewni.


While it is unknown when this began, a family tradition was established which stated that when the newest heir turns fourteen years old, they would get a magical wand that had the capacity to destroy the universe if it fell into the wrong hands. The family lineage seems predominantly comprised of females. While male Butterflys do exist, they are noticeably in fewer numbers.

Several members of the Butterfly family have marks on their cheeks: Star has hearts, Queen Butterfly has diamonds, Etheria has five-pointed stars, Solaria the Monster Carver has lightning bolts, and Eclipsa the Queen of Darkness has spades. Miss Heinous is briefly shown to have clubs on her cheeks, but it is unknown whether she has a connection to the Butterfly family or not.

In "Game of Flags", most members of the Butterfly family are portrayed as exceptionally well-mannered yet uptight, and they look down on the loud, obnoxious, and unrefined Johansen family of King Butterfly. However, they can become just as ruthless and savage as the Johansens in their determination to win the titular contest.

"Into the Wand" shows several predecessors of the Butterfly family depicted in tapestry, including Celena the Shy, Solaria the Monster Carver, and Eclipsa the Queen of Darkness.



S2E23 Star and Lil Chauncey in the Grandma Room
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  1. Queen Butterfly in "Fetch": "Star, your Aunt Felicity still hasn't received her thank-you card for the lovely necklace..."
  2. Queen Butterfly in "Game of Flags": "Yes, Aunt Etheria, I heard you the first hundred times."
  3. Star in "Game of Flags": "Nice takedown, Uncle Heartrude."
  4. Star in "Into the Wand": "Celena the Shy? Oh... Great-Great Grandma Shy!"
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