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The Diaz Household is the home of Mr. Diaz, Mrs. Diaz, and Marco Diaz. It is also where Star Butterfly lived while staying on Earth.


In "Star Comes to Earth", Star uses her magic wand to create a castle loft on the second floor that juts out of the left side of the house.

In "Sleep Spells", Star unknowingly turns the ground floor into a jungle.

In "Royal Pain", Star turns the house into a water park. It later becomes the setting for a party held by King Butterfly before Star floods it in order to make the guests leave.

In "My New Wand!", Star accidentally creates a small additional tower to her loft when her wand goes off accidentally.

In "Wand to Wand", the house is badly damaged, both inside and out, by the corrupted Cloudy.

In "Starcrushed", the house's castle loft disappears when Star returns to Mewni.


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