Dogbull is a dog/bull-like monster from Mewni and one of Buff Frog's allies in his mission to steal corn from the Mewmans.


Dogbull is a tall, muscular monster with half-dog, half-bull characteristics. He has pale bluish-green skin, yellow eyes, white bull horns, and a black dog nose. He wears dark-gray pants, a black belt with a skull-shaped buckle, black boots, and an eye patch over his left eye.


Dogbull appears in "On the Job" as a member of Boo Fly's team of monsters. When first introduced, Dogbull claims to have heard stories about Buff Frog's exploits while he was working for Ludo, but when Buff Frog joins the team, Dogbull accuses him of going soft after becoming a father. This causes a tense rivalry between the two.

Throughout the monsters' quest to trace a pack of rats' supply route of Mewman corn to its source, Buff Frog inadvertently causes a number of setbacks, causing Dogbull and the others to question his reliability. After one too many mistakes, the monsters leave him behind, and Dogbull takes charge of the mission.

When Dogbull leads the monsters into a trap that surrounds them in a ring of fire, Buff Frog rescues them, and Dogbull gains new respect for him. After Buff Frog leaves to pick up his tadpoles, Dogbull decides to give his own father a call.


Season 2


S2E12 Dogbull lifting weights with tree piece
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  • Dogbull keeps a bone in his mouth similarly to how a smoker keeps a cigar or cigarette in their mouth.
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