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Echo Creek is a neighborhood in Los Angeles that Star is sent to live in.[1][2][3][4]


S1E3 Echo Creek Academy exterior

Echo Creek's High school

  • Echo Creek Academy - the town's high school.
  • The Diaz Household - Mr. Diaz, Mrs. Diaz, and Marco Diaz's home and Star's home while on Earth.
  • Stop & Slurp - a convenience store.
  • Britta's Tacos - a fast food restaurant that sells Mexican food.
  • Echo Creek Mud Pits - a tourist attraction that, as the name implies, possesses several pits of mud, with fake mammoths placed within them. It is a parody of the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles.
  • Emilio's Pizza - A pizzeria, of which Marco is a regular customer.
  • Cemetery - The final resting place for the deceased of Echo Creek.
  • Veterinary Clinic - A place where wounded or sick animals are tended to.
  • Concert Hall - The location of a Love Sentence concert.


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  1. Adam McArthur: "I believe the city is Echo Creek."
  2. Daron Nefcy: "Yep! Echo Cheek is a made up neighborhood based in LA"
  3. In the episode "Gift of the Card", Rasticore's locator places Echo Creek in Southern California.
  4. In the episode "Starstruck", when Star and Mina Loveberry go to the park, one of locals says "This is the United States of America."
  5. Brian H. Kim: "We wanted the different dimensions to have a different "sound." Echo Creek is very laid-back LA indie rock. "

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