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Ferguson O'durguson[2] is a student at Echo Creek Academy and one of Marco's friends.

He is always looking for ways to get girls (one being drawing a face on his belly and making it "talk"), but never seems to have any success.


Ferguson is short and overweight with orange hair, freckles, and olive green eyes. He wears a dark gray shirt (which his stomach sticks out of at the bottom), gray sweatpants with a white stripe on each side and white tie strings, and dark gray shoes with white tips.


Marco Diaz and Alfonzo Dolittle

Marco and Alfonzo are both good friends with Ferguson, to the point where Marco considers him one of the coolest guys at school. However, Ferguson sometimes gets annoyed with him, such as when he goes too far trying to protect him from the Warriors in "School Spirit". Alfonzo often supports Ferguson in his schemes to get girls.

Star Butterfly

Ferguson has befriended Star since she is also friends with Marco.

Pixie Empress

In "Pixtopia", the Pixie Empress becomes enamored with Ferguson, and he is flattered by her apparent affection. The two of them almost get married, but after Marco voices his concerns, Ferguson decides he is not ready for that kind of commitment. It is also suggested that the Empress was only interested in Ferguson because she was planning to eat him.


Season 1

Season 2


S1E4 Ferguson "you're trying to kidnap me"
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  1. Marco Diaz in "Pixtopia": "Ferguson, think about this! You're not ready for this kind of commitment! You're only fourteen! You still paint a face on your stomach and make it talk!"
  2. Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension by Dominic Bisignano and Amber Benson. March 7, 2017. Published by Disney Press. ISBN: 978-1484774199.
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