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"Friendenemies" is the nineteenth episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on October 3, 2016 alongside "Is Mystery".[2]


When Tom vies for Marco's company instead of Star's, Marco becomes suspicious.[3]


The episode opens with Marco in his bedroom frantically using his laptop. When Star enters needing help getting untangled from some Christmas lights, Marco says he's busy trying to get tickets to a movie marathon dedicated to Mackie Hand, a deceased martial arts film star. Unfortunately for Marco, the movie marathon is sold out.

All of a sudden, Tom appears in a flash of fire and asks to hang out. Star refuses, but Tom says he wants to hang out with Marco, not her. Marco refuses as well until Tom reveals that he has two tickets to the Mackie Hand movie marathon. When asked why he suddenly wants to hang out with Marco, Tom says he thought they made a connection during the events of "Mr. Candle Cares" and that he promises not to lose his temper. Marco pulls Star aside, thinking Tom is up to something, but Star encourages him to go with Tom. Hesitantly, Marco accepts – if only to be able to see the movie marathon.

Inside Tom's skeleton horse-drawn carriage, Tom gives Marco a tour of the interior, which includes several flat-screen TVs, a photo booth, a karaoke machine, and a white tiger. When Tom offers Marco a snack, Marco is suspicious that Tom is being so nice to him. Tom claims to be a fellow fan of Mackie Hand, but he raises Marco's suspicions when he hesitates to name his favorite Mackie Hand movie. However, Tom claims to have two favorites: Hand to Hand to Hand and Hand to Hand to Hand 2, preferring the original over the sequel. This answer satisfies Marco, and he apologizes for being so distrustful. After getting a pair of overconfident hot rod drivers in trouble with the police and realizing they share a passion for the band Love Sentence, Marco and Tom become more comfortable around each other and have an afternoon of fun together.

Ten minutes before the movie marathon starts, Marco wants to head to the theater to catch it on time, but Tom suddenly locks the carriage door, wanting Marco to stay for a few more minutes. This leads into a short back-and-forth in which Marco demands to leave and Tom refuses to let him, and Tom eventually loses his temper. In response to this, Tom's white tiger blows a whistle. As it turns out, the white tiger is actually Tom's life coach Brian in disguise, and the entire afternoon was a test for Tom to earn his anger management graduation badge. The test involved Tom spending three hours alone with the person he hated the most without getting mad, but he failed automatically by losing his temper.

Upset over failing his test, Tom burns the movie marathon tickets to ashes. However, Marco is even more upset that Tom lied to him about being a fan of Mackie Hand and for him pretending to be his friend. He kicks the locked carriage door open and storms off. Tom calls out to Marco, saying that he really does like Love Sentence, and he tries to apologize through the lyrics of a Love Sentence song. Unfortunately, Marco joins in the song, expresses that it's "too little too late", and walks away. In a last-ditch attempt to make it up to Marco, Tom uses his demonic powers to resurrect Mackie Hand from the dead, and Marco is touched by the gesture.

Together with Mackie Hand, Marco and Tom go to see the movie marathon, but the ticket guy refuses them entry into the theater, believing the Mackie Hand with them is just a cosplayer. The ticket guy tries to push Mackie off the theater premises, but Mackie fends him off with a display of kung fu. As Mackie gets into a brawl with theater security, Tom and Marco watch while eating cereal. Though they admit they still don't like each other, they conclude the evening on friendlier terms than before.


Major characters

Minor characters

Production notes



View the episode transcript here.


S2E19 Tom and Marco pictures
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Revelations and continuity

  • Marco and Tom are both fans of the band Love Sentence. In "Red Belt", Star was also shown to be a fan of them.



  • Tom's tongue and mouth is colored red instead of purple throughout the entire episode.


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