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"Heinous" is the thirty-sixth episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.[1]

It premiered on February 20, 2017.[2][3]


Ms. Heinous shows up at the Diaz house and Marco must make amends for all the terrible things he has done.[3]


Miss Heinous and her assistant Gemini arrive on Earth to exact their revenge on "Princess Marco". Using Rasticore's dimensional chainsaw, they invade the Diaz Household. When Star and Marco return home and find the house's front door sawed in half, Star sneaks in through the back door while Marco enters through the front to fend off the intruders. Inside, they discover Marco's parents and Miss Heinous having tea.

Marco and Star attack Miss Heinous and Gemini, but Rafael and Angie tell them to stop, having willingly welcomed them into their home. Despite Marco's claims that Miss Heinous is evil, Miss Heinous says she refuses to leave until she gets restitution for her humiliation at Marco's hands. This presents a hindrance to Rafael and Angie's impending dinner plans with another family (the Morrisons), so they hear Miss Heinous out.

Miss Heinous explains that she was once the headmistress of St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses. However, when Star and Marco arrived, Marco incited a school-wide rebellion and inspired the other princesses to revolt. He had inadvertently become the face of an interdimensional revolutionary movement, complete with "Princess Marco" merchandise (for which Marco receives a monthly royalty check of $650). With the respect of her students lost, Miss Heinous was driven out of the school and forced into poverty. Miss Heinous also blames Star and Marco for disintegrating the body of her bodyguard Rasticore, who is slowly regenerating.

As punishment for Marco's actions, Miss Heinous proposes his complete annihilation. After Marco fails to convince even local law enforcement of Miss Heinous' evil, Miss Heinous and the Diazes sit down to negotiate an appropriate punishment. Rafael and Angie suggest minor punishments like grounding Marco and taking his video games away, but Miss Heinous will only accept extreme forms of mutilation. Fed up, Marco proposes a simple apology, and Miss Heinous agrees—under certain conditions.

Dressed in a princess gown, Marco is forced to record a video message telling princesses around the multiverse "it IS criminal to be an individual". Star tells Marco not to do it since he's such a role model, but Marco assures her that it'll take more than a video to break the princesses' spirits. As Miss Heinous and Gemini roll camera, Marco delivers a mostly forced, sarcastic message of giving up on one's individuality. Miss Heinous believes it to be genuine, and she leaves satisfied.

With Miss Heinous gone, Rafael and Angie express their surprise and concern about the interdimensional misadventures that Star and Marco get into. They take Miss Heinous' advice and decide to be a more active presence in Star and Marco's lives. Cancelling their dinner with the Morrisons, Star and the Diazes have a family game night. Meanwhile, Miss Heinous, Gemini, and Rasticore's ever-growing arm settle down for the evening, and Miss Heinous plots her ultimate revenge against Princess Marco and Princess Butterfly.


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S2E36 Princess Marco holding a sign
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Revelations and continuity

  • Marco became the face of an interdimensional princess revolution after the events of "St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses", and he gets a $650 royalty check every month for Princess Marco merchandise.
  • Rasticore is revealed to be slowly regenerating from his right hand that was left after he was disintegrated in "Gift of the Card".
  • The Diaz family's home address is 48-15 Avocado Terrace.


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