Janna Ordonia[5] is a Filipino student at Echo Creek Academy. She is a friend of Star and Marco's who shows an interest in macabre subjects, the occult, and other things of paranormal origin, and she is often portrayed as mischievous, usually at Marco's expense.


Janna has short dark-blue hair and brown eyes. She usually appears wearing an olive green shirt, a turquoise jacket, a yellow skirt, brown boots, and an olive green beanie hat.


Janna has been shown to be somewhat of a troublemaker. She somehow convinced Ferguson to give her Star's Magic Instruction Book in "Mewberty" after Star lost it following a bet with him, and although she let Marco have it back without a fight, she smugly remarks to him that she has his house keys. Later on in the same episode, she finds the spellbook unattended, and is shown feeding Glossaryck pudding as Marco tries to rein in Mewberty-form Star.

She also has a liking for macabre things; During "Interdimensional Field Trip", she suggests the class take a trip to a morgue when Star proposes going someplace "fun", becomes "BFFs" with a living skeleton, and is excited to see the universe's most dangerous creature. In "Hungry Larry", she gladly goes along with summoning the titular spirit. In "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown," she puts together a séance (with Star's help) in hopes of seeing the ghost of the long-deceased titular clown.

She seems to enjoy teasing Marco, the aforementioned stealing of his house keys done in a playful manner, and she scared him with fake fangs in "Interdimensional Field Trip".

Janna's role as a troublemaker is confirmed when she is shown in Detention with Star, Serge, Ingrid, and Toby in "Girls' Day Out." Janna also shows herself to be very strategic when cutting class with Star.


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S1E11 Janna has Marco's house keys
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  • Janna's school locker is next to Hope's.[6]
  • Janna has all of Marco's personal information, including passwords, social security number, and fingerprints.[7]
  • Janna's favorite color is pink, but she isn't very open about it (as seen in "Sleepover"), as it "contributes to gender stereotypes."
  • "Naysaya" reveals that Janna has a secret panel behind Marco's locker, which she uses to store books on demonology and witchcraft.
  • She states she has a crush on 18th century poet John Keats in "Sleepover".
  • In "Deep Dive", Janna visits Mewni for the first time.
  • Janna's last name is revealed to be Ordonia in the book Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension.
    • According to some sources, the surname "Ordonia" originates mainly from the Philippines, suggesting that she is Filipino or has at least some Filipino ancestry.
    • The book also states that Janna once dated a talking skeleton named Bernardo (who may be the same talking skeleton she bonded with during "Interdimensional Field Trip").


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