"Jarco Interrupted / Graveyard Battle / The Portal Turns / Save Star" is a musical suite that plays during the latter half of "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", each piece playing during pivotal scenes.[1]

  • "Jarco Interrupted" plays during Marco Diaz and Jackie Lynn Thomas' kiss.
  • "Graveyard Battle" plays during Star Butterfly and Ludo's magic battle in the Echo Creek cemetery.
  • "The Portal Turns" plays when Star's Mystic Room Suck Transform spell backfires on her.
  • "Save Star" plays when Marco, Jackie, and Janna save Star from the Mystic Room Suck Transform spell.


  1. Brian H. Kim (2016-11-22). Jarco Interrupted / Graveyard Battle / The Portal Turns / Save Star. Tumblr. Retrieved on 2017 April 24.

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