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King River Butterfly[2] (né Johansen)[3] is the ruler of the Kingdom of Mewni alongside his wife, Queen Butterfly, and Star Butterfly's father.

Born into the Johansen clan of barbarians, River was crowned King of Mewni through marriage to the then-Princess Moon Butterfly. Despite seeming just as formal and strict as his wife, it is revealed in "Diaz Family Vacation" that he enjoys going off to fight monsters like Star does when his duties as king bore him. Like his daughter, King Butterfly is belligerent, headstrong, and prefers battle to diplomacy. Despite this, however, he is a skilled warrior, a dedicated king, and a loving father.


King Butterfly is a short, stout, light-skinned man with blonde hair (with a bald spot under his crown) and light blue eyes. The crown atop his head is golden with a large pink jewel on the top, and he has blonde eyebrows. He also has a thick, large blonde mustache and a beard, which splits in two ways. King Butterfly sports golden shoulder pads with periwinkle tufts, periwinkle cuffs at the end of the arms of his blue coat, and a blue cape with periwinkle fur. He wears large grey pants and black boots.

King Butterfly often carries a staff with him. The staff is blue-grey, periwinkle and white, with a blue crescent moon-shaped crystal and a star on the top, and a round blue stub at the bottom.

In "Face the Music", King Butterfly wears a white version of his usual blue coat for Star's "song day" ceremony.


Season 1

Season 2


S1E9 King Butterfly tastes the dirt
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  • Star got her monster fighting abilities and wild, fun-loving personality from her father.[4]
  • He believes Marco is Star's boyfriend.[5]
  • "Camping Trip" reveals that King Butterfly is very strong and athletic, able to run ten miles in five minutes (while carrying Star and Marco), and he claims he was even more so in his prime. "Game of Flags" reveals that his family, the Johansens, are just as strong and physically capable.
  • Like most Mewmans, he has a fondness for corn, to the extent where he goes into a crazed frenzy should he see his supply threatened.


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