Students of Echo Creek Academy

Echo Creek Academy student reference sheet by Aaron Hammersley.

This is a list of all the students who attend Echo Creek Academy.

Male students

Name First seen Image Name First seen Image
Aaron Dominic Starcrushed Aaron Dominic S2E41 thumbnail Aiden School Spirit Aiden S1E4 thumbnail
Alejandro School Spirit Alejandro S2E41 thumbnail Alfonzo Dolittle Match Maker Alfonzo Dolittle S1E4 thumbnail
Blake Lemons Star Comes to Earth Blake Lemons S1E1 thumbnail Brad Bon Bon the Birthday Clown Brad S2E41 thumbnail
Carlos Monster Arm Carlos S1E10 thumbnail Chet Mr. Candle Cares Chet S2E26 thumbnail
Dan Mewberty Dan S1E11 thumbnail Dillon School Spirit Dillon S1E5 thumbnail
Dom Star Comes to Earth Dom S1E5 thumbnail Ed School Spirit Ed S2E26 thumbnail
Ferguson O'durguson Match Maker Ferguson O'durguson S1E3 thumbnail Francis Smithington Star Comes to Earth Francis Smithington S1E5 thumbnail
Garrett School Spirit Garrett S1E15 thumbnail Hunter School Spirit Hunter S2E41 thumbnail
Jared Star Comes to Earth Jared S2E26 thumbnail Jeff School Spirit Jeff S2E26 thumbnail
Johnny Raisinberry Collateral Damage Johnny Raisinberry S2E38 thumbnail Josh School Spirit Josh S1E4 thumbnail
Justin School Spirit Justin S1E4 thumbnail Justin Armberg Star Comes to Earth Justin Armberg S1E3 thumbnail
Lars Vanderdud Monster Arm Lars Vanderdud S1E5 thumbnail Marco Diaz Star Comes to Earth Marco Diaz S1E1 thumbnail
Matt Mewberty Matt S1E11 thumbnail Moobs Squitson Match Maker Moobs Squitson S1E10 thumbnail
Oskar Greason Match Maker Oskar Greason S1E7 thumbnail Peter Mewberty Peter S2E41 thumbnail
Robert Mewberty Robert S1E11 thumbnail Ryan Match Maker Ryan S2E38 thumbnail
Sean Cheer Up, Star Sean S1E7 thumbnail Serge Girls' Day Out Serge S2E16 thumbnail
Timmy Brittney's Party Timmy S1E11 thumbnail Toby Girls' Day Out Toby S2E16 thumbnail
Tyler School Spirit Tyler S1E4 thumbnail Zeke Monster Arm Zeke S1E11 thumbnail

Female students

Name First seen Image Name First seen Image
Andrea School Spirit Andrea S1E4 thumbnail Ashlyn Monster Arm Ashlyn S2E26 thumbnail
Becky Star Comes to Earth Becky S1E3 thumbnail Bethany Mewberty Bethany S1E11 thumbnail
Brittney Wong School Spirit Brittney Wong S1E4 thumbnail Carrie Monster Arm Carrie S2E41 thumbnail
Chantal School Spirit Chantal S1E4 thumbnail Chelsea McNelsey Star Comes to Earth Chelsea McNelsey S1E10 thumbnail
Evon School Spirit Evon S2E26 thumbnail Hope Hadley Star Comes to Earth Hope Hadley S1E11 thumbnail
Ingrid Bloomgren Blood Moon Ball Ingrid Bloomgren S1E15 thumbnail Jackie Lynn Thomas Star Comes to Earth Jackie Lynn Thomas S2E26 thumbnail
Janna Ordonia Star Comes to Earth Janna Ordonia S1E11 thumbnail Kat School Spirit Kat S2E26 thumbnail
Leah Match Maker Leah S1E11 thumbnail Linda Match Maker Linda S1E5 thumbnail
Lynn School Spirit Lynn S2E26 thumbnail Megan Gandlym Match Maker Megan Gandlym S1E15 thumbnail
Monique Star Comes to Earth Monique S2E38 thumbnail Raya Rousey Star Comes to Earth Raya Rousey S1E1 thumbnail
Sabrina Backintosh Star Comes to Earth Sabrina Backintosh S1E10 thumbnail Star Butterfly Star Comes to Earth Star Butterfly S1E1 thumbnail
StarFan13 Brittney's Party StarFan13 S1E10 thumbnail Tammy Bon Bon the Birthday Clown Tammy S2E41 thumbnail


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