S1E3 Ludo and his minions return

Ludo's army about to attack.

In season 1, Ludo has an army composed of his loyal monster minions who help him in his quest to get Star Butterfly's wand and take over the universe with it. In "Marco Grows a Beard", Toffee usurps Ludo and takes over as the army's leader.

In season 2, Ludo obtains a new army with a giant spider, a bald eagle, rats, and other monsters (which he has enslaved) as his minions. It is unknown what happened to most of Ludo's previous army after the events of "Storm the Castle". Some of those shown to have survived, such as Buff Frog and Boo Fly, have pursued other work.

In "Starfari", others are shown to have also survived, including Three-eyed Potato Baby and Beard Deer, and relocated to a monster village on the outskirts of Mewni.






  • When asked about the fate of Ludo's monsters at the end of "Storm the Castle", Daron Nefcy stated during a fan meet-and-greet, "I think they might be dead. Maybe not all of them. Some of them probably got out. But I think some of them are dead."[1]


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