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Ludo's wand is a magical wand that was formed from the right half of the star-shaped crystal from the faceplate of Star Butterfly's wand. Ludo discovers it and becomes its wielder in the episode "Ludo in the Wild".


During the events of "Storm the Castle", Star's wand explodes after Star uses the Whispering Spell, and the star-shaped crystal embedded in the wand breaks in half. Star's wand is restored with the left half of the crystal, while the right half goes missing for three months.

During that time, Ludo, having been thrown through a Dimensional portal by Star, crash-lands back on Mewni and fends for himself in the harsh wilderness. Eventually, he experiences a hallucination of Star, and follows her to a snowy area, where he discovers the missing right half of the wand's crystal, which has formed a second magic wand from its surrounding environment.

In "Wand to Wand", Ludo attempts to use the wand on a rat bartender after he is given a bowl of mud instead of porridge, but the wand does not work. Ludo later learns that the wand is powered by his anger, and after a brief test, he returns to the tavern and drives the patrons to attack him. Once he becomes angry enough to charge the wand, Ludo uses it to overpower them all.

In "By the Book", Ludo is having trouble controlling his wand's power. The wand speaks to him, convincing him to kidnap Star so he can force her to show him how to control it. In the ensuing battle, Ludo is repelled, but he excitedly tells the wand about his discovery of Star's Magic Instruction Book.

In "Is Mystery", the wand talks to Ludo again, telling him not to have Buff Frog killed, as he may prove useful to him.

In "The Hard Way", Toffee's consciousness is revealed to reside within the wand, and he manifests through the dark magic contained in the book of spells and possesses Ludo's body.

In "Starcrushed", Toffee possesses Ludo once again and drains the combined magic of the Magic High Commission. Notably, Toffee's arm regrows around the skeletal hand and replaces Ludo's, leaving the wand's faceplate embedded in his palm.


Initially, the only active spells the wand has been shown performing are green kinetic energy blasts that are empowered by Ludo's anger. They are capable of leaving permanent holes in force fields as demonstrated in "Is Mystery".

The wand also appears to possess sentience and the ability to telepathically communicate with Ludo, as it is shown doing so in "By the Book" and "Is Mystery".

In "The Hard Way", the wand is shown to be at least capable of casting basic spells such as Levitato.

The wand is seemingly able to drain the magic from its opponents, as shown in "Starcrushed", which leaves its victims expressionless and paralyzed, with completely black eyes.


The wand consists of a flat, jagged, diamond-shaped rock with the right half of the original wand's crystal embedded in the center and the skeletal right forearm of Toffee clutching the rock. Unlike the gold crystal fragment in Star's wand, the crystal fragment in Ludo's wand is colored and glows green, indicating its evil nature.



  • The skeletal hand clutching the wand's crystal-embedded rock has half of its middle finger missing, similar to Toffee's right hand.
    • This was proven to be the severed forearm of Toffee in "Starcrushed", when Toffee's arm regrows around the wand and replaces Ludo's.
  • Whenever the wand is "talking" to Ludo, a distinct warbling can be heard.

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