The Magic Instruction Book, also called the Book of Spells, is the book given to Star Butterfly to help her use the royal magic wand. It contains magic Spells that have been mastered and written down by previous owners of the wand. Unfortunately, according to Star, the book is a complete disorganized mess, making searching through its pages difficult. However, Glossaryck exists inside the book to help users locate certain terms.

In "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", the book is stolen by Ludo.

Mysteriously, the book is found completely blank of all its contents in "Starcrushed". It is later revealed to be a decoy book, as Toffee had hidden the real book to initiate a scheme to absorb the powers of the Magic High Commission.

In "Book Be Gone", the book is thrown into a fire by Ludo and burned to ashes, along with Glossaryck.

Chapters and pages

Releasio Demonius Infestica

S1e5 bone healing page

Releasio Demonius Infestica page.

This page, written in an ancient language, contains a spell that supposedly heals bones. However, when used by Star Butterfly, it accidentally transforms Marco's arm into a tentacle. "Releasio Demonius Infestica" roughly translates to "Release the infesting demon" in Latin.

Returnio Armius Normalrino

This page contains a spell that Star uses to turn Marco's arm back to normal. The spell is also able to create functional arms or transform objects into arms. One mispronunciation of the spell, "Returnio Armius Normalritecus", sets an object on fire. Another mispronunciation, "Returnius Armius Normalrinny", causes an object to explode.

What To Do If You Make A Dimension Explode

Star briefly looks at this page during "Freeze Day", as she tries to find a way to undo the time freezing spell she cast.

What To Do If You Delete Gravity

Another page Star glances at in "Freeze Day". She shows some interest, but Marco tells her "Don't even think about it". In "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", the instructions are briefly shown in detail, telling the reader to not simply restore gravity, but to freeze time, restore gravity, then turn back time to before they deleted gravity.

What To Do If You Raise The Dead

Another page briefly seen during "Freeze Day".

What To Do If You Freeze Time

A page detailing what one should do if they freeze time. It reveals that the user needs to go to the Plains of Time and get the Wheel of Progress turning again.

Warnicorn Stampede

S2E14 Glossaryck points at Incantation Dance pictures
A page describing the movements required for the wand's wielder to conjure up a stampede of Warnicorns.

Eclipsa's chapter

A chapter dedicated to Star's ninth great grandmother Eclipsa the Queen of Darkness, containing spells of dark magic that she created. Originally chained up to prevent it from being read, Glossaryck unlocks the chapter in "Page Turner", and Star casts the All-Seeing Eye spell from it in "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown". Ludo reads the chapter in "The Hard Way", resulting in him being possessed by Toffee.


The page that illustrates the spell used to make people and objects float.


  • When Star flips through the book in "Monster Arm", Glossaryck briefly appears between two of the pages.
  • The book does have a table of contents, though this is located in the middle of the book instead of at the front like most books.

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