When I was a baby horse, Mama told me the day will come when I will be called upon to fulfill a responsibility greater than myself, greater than this dimension. For me, that day is today!
―Millhorse (speaking Italian)[src]

A Millhorse[1] is a miniature unicorn that is used to power Star Butterfly's wand by running on the mill while sustained by a charger.


First Millhorse

When healthy, this Millhorse has a white coat, starry pink mane and tail, green horn, and a heart on its chest. The head is similar to Pony Head's. When tired, it becomes thin and ragged, its coat is mostly grey, its mane, tail, and horn darken, and the mane and tail go limp, while the heart on its chest looks broken.

In "Storm the Castle", the Millhorse is killed when Star casts the Whispering Spell to destroy the wand. Its ghost is last seen leaving the wand and whispering in Star's ear before disappearing.

Second Millhorse

At the end of "Storm the Castle," the first Millhorse is replaced by a second one as part of fulfilling its "responsibility." This Millhorse is more mature-looking and has a gray coat, a greenish-gray mane which it pulls back into a ponytail, a dark blue shirt, yellow and black bands around its hooves, and a detachable horn. This Millhorse is also notable in that it speaks fluent Italian.

In "My New Wand!", when Glossaryck looks inside the wand's face plate, the Millhorse appears to be in a demented state, and has developed fangs and green eyes.

In "Toffee", this Millhorse dies when Star casts the Whispering Spell again to destroy the wand crystal in Ludo's hand.

Third Millhorse

Near the end of "Toffee", Star used the last remaining piece of magic in the universe that has not been corrupted by Toffee to give birth to a third Millhorse. Much younger than the previous two, this Millhorse has a white coat, a dark blue mane, a yellow horn, and a gold butterfly-shaped mark on its haunches. By "Deep Dive", this Millhorse has grown to the size of an adult mare, and the other unicorns in the Realm of Magic refer to her as the "Firstborn".


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