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You shut up during your confession!
―Mina interrogating a monster[src]

Mina Loveberry is a famous magical warrior from Mewni and Star Butterfly's idol who first appears in the episode "Starstruck".


Mina is an adult Mewman woman with peach skin, long purple hair tied into knee-length pigtails with large buns at each base, and green eyes. Like Star, she also has bangs that overlap her eyes. She wears a light green dress with a picture of a cat on the front, a purple bow tie with a yellow heart in the center, purple knee-high boots, yellow bunny earrings, long white gloves, and a silver spiked helmet. As a result of her stay on Earth, her dress is tattered (with a large tear in the midsection) and covered in dirt, she is missing her right boot, her right hair-bun has dirt on it and her pigtails are messier, and her pupils are tinier with bags under her eyes due to going insane.

Near the end of "Starstruck" Mina becomes angry at Star for refusing to conquer Earth with her, and she undergoes a physical transformation. She becomes muscular and grows to nearly twice her original size. Her eyes turn white, her ears take on an elfin-like shape, her teeth become sharp, and her voice deepens. She reverts to her normal appearance at the end of the episode.

In "Moon the Undaunted", her younger self wears a light green and white coat with yellow shoulder pads and a purple belt, and a teal skirt with diamond edges at the bottom. Her hair is also a bit straighter compared to its previous appearance.


In "Starstruck", Mina is portrayed as mentally and cognitively impaired, having numerous moments of irrationality and insanity. She treats living on Earth like surviving in the wild, reacts to most situations from a warrior's perspective, and even briefly considers trying to rule over mankind. Despite this, she develops a connection with Star Butterfly and calls her "Mud Sister".

In flashback in "Moon the Undaunted", Mina is a tough and battle-hardened warrior type who is loyal to the Butterfly family and favors going to war over diplomacy. In "Monster Bash", Mina is heavily prejudiced toward monsters and upholds the long-established Mewman belief that monsters are dangerous. She carries out that belief by capturing the monsters at Star's party and trying to exterminate Miss Heinous for being half-monster, even going as far as attacking Star for defending Heinous and calling her a traitor for letting the captured monsters go free.


When first introduced, Mina is stated by Star Butterfly to be "the greatest warrior to ever live". In Star's imagination, she strikes a heroic pose. In reality, however, Mina is a clinically insane person who dives into dumpsters for food and wears garbage bags on her head. Marco believes she has "lost her marbles". On her doctor's orders, Mina is vacationing on Earth to observe humans. Since she is a famous Mewnian warrior, Star asks her to teach her how to be a true warrior, and Mina agrees.

Throughout the day, Mina imparts her fighting knowledge upon Star in bizarre (and even illegal) ways. She teaches her to clear her mind of distracting thoughts by trespassing in the Echo Creek Mud Pits, to make her own weapons using objects lying around a children's playground, and to learn from her surroundings by setting public property on fire. Marco insists to Star that Mina is crazy and that she should stop learning from her, but Star is unable to see past her hero worship to do so.

In her observations of the humans, Mina learns that American society is based on democracy and voting and that humans are "free" and do not have a ruler in the traditional sense. With this knowledge, Mina tries to convince Star to help her take over the Earth and rule over the humans. When Star refuses, Mina almost fights her, but the humans gathered nearby vote against her planet-dominating plans and "defeat" her. Deciding not to take over the Earth after all, Mina leaves and returns to Mewni.

In "Moon the Undaunted", Mina appears in flashback as a member of Queen Moon's royal court, urging the other members to go to war with the monsters after the death of Moon's mother. In "Book Be Gone", she makes a brief cameo appearance hiding in the shadows of Ludo's temple.

In "Monster Bash", Mina Loveberry returns to capture the monsters at Star's party to unite Mewmans and monsters, prejudicially believing them to be dangerous. Her conflict with Star and subsequent revelation of Miss Heinous' true identity as a member of the Butterfly family results in a battle breaking out between them, but she eventually escapes.

Powers and abilities

  • Survival skills: As a seasoned warrior, Mina is able to fend for herself in the wild, scrounging for food in suburban dumpsters.
  • Magic: It is assumed that Mina possesses powerful magic, as she is a well-known warrior. She briefly uses her magic to augment her physique and strength. Her magical power is finally shown in "Monster Bash", where in her augmented form, she easily overpowered Star and Tom and Star's magic attacks had no effect on her.
  • Flight: In her Augmented form, she is shown to be able to fly and levitate.
  • Hair whip: Mina can use her hair as a whip to whip her opponent, as demonstrated in Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Battle for Mewni. She can also twirl her pigtails like helicopter blades and use them to fly (albeit slowly), as demonstrated in "Monster Bash".


Season 2

Season 3


S2E9 Mina Loveberry striking a pose
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  • Mina has a design resembling Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon from the anime and manga series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.
    • Mina is also the localized/shortened name of Minako Aino/Sailor Venus.
    • The bunny earrings are likely a nod to Sailor Moon's civilian name, which means rabbit.
    • In "Monster Bash", one of the books at her campsite is called Secret Tuxedo, a reference to Tuxedo Mask (the alter ego of Mamoru Chiba, Sailor Moon's love interest).
  • According to Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, Mina once fought alongside Queen Butterfly on the battlefield.[1]
  • Star's sea foam green dress and battle armor are similar to Mina's attire.
    • Early concept designs of Mina have her wearing an outfit similar to Star's Edgar dress outfit and an outfit with the belts Star's sky blue dress outfit and the leggings from Star's sea green dress outfit.


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