Oh, I'm always mad. But I'm happy that you're safe.
―Queen Butterfly, to Star[src]

Queen Moon Butterfly is the ruler of the Kingdom of Mewni, alongside her husband King Butterfly, and the mother of Star Butterfly. She was the previous wielder of the royal magic wand before passing it down to her daughter on her fourteenth birthday.


Queen Butterfly has long pale blue hair which she usually wears in a big, heart-shaped updo, a golden crown with a purple diamond in the center, light blue eyes, and magenta-colored diamonds on her cheeks. In season 1, she has hair curls obscuring her ears. She wears a light blue, periwinkle, and white gown, the skirt somewhat resembling the shape of a heart, with long blue gloves. Queen Butterfly also uses pink lipstick. She also wears light blue and periwinkle lace-up boots under her dress.

From "Mr. Candle Cares" onward, Queen Butterfly's look is altered slightly; Her crown now has a gold diamond-shaped attachment with a purple diamond in the center, from which two strings of pearls curl around the sides of her hair. Her hair curls are gone, meaning her ears are now visible, and she wears gold diamond-shaped earrings with purple diamonds embedded in them.

In "Face the Music", it is revealed that Moon's hair, when worn completely down, looks just like Star's.

In her mewberty form, Queen Butterfly has periwinkle skin, and her hair becomes a slightly darker shade of blue. She gains two additional sets of arms, longer diamond-tipped eyelashes, large blue butterfly wings with diamond-tipped "feelers" on the bottom, and diamond-tipped antennae on her head.

In "Into the Wand", Deep Trouble Issue #2, and "Moon the Undaunted", young Queen Butterfly bears a strong resemblance to her daughter Star, with long hair that reaches down to her knees and three bangs in front that point upward and overlap her eyes. The difference in their hairstyle is that young Moon had two long straight strands that would hang in front of her ears.

As a teenage girl in "Moon the Undaunted", Moon wears battle armor that consists of a dark gray sleeveless top that appears to be metal, a gray belt with a silver diamond in the center, a lighter gray knee-length plated skirt with diamond edges on the bottom, and white wing-like shoulder pads. She also wears gray boots with white tips, and a tall crown with a pink diamond encrusted in the center. She wears this outfit in "Face the Music", "Starcrushed", and Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Battle for Mewni but with white long-sleeved gauntlets and a bejeweled tiara instead of a crown. She also keeps her hair in a long braid.


Queen Butterfly is serious most of the time, having a low tolerance for anything messy or destructive. In "Royal Pain", she was said to have kicked her husband out of the castle for not cleaning up his messes. Queen Butterfly often regards safety and caution for Star as shown most prominently in Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Battle for Mewni when they were forced on the run from Toffee.

Being the queen, Queen Butterfly acts as the true ruling monarch of Mewni and always has the well-being of her kingdom in mind, to the point she is unable to express interest in anything else. This often causes her to appear cold towards others. Despite her overbearing strictness, she truly cares for her daughter; after the near loss of the family wand, rather than show any anger or disappointment, she hugs Star, telling her daughter that she's just glad she's safe. Her concern for Star is also demonstrated in "Toffee" when she attacks Toffee for presumably killing Star.

Moon reveals in Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Battle for Mewni that she used to be a "happy go-lucky girl" just like Star, but after Toffee and his army killed her mother and she inherited the throne, she became serious and mature to protect her kingdom and family. However, she sometimes shows signs of fear and nervousness, such as when meeting Eclipsa for the first time and when she first casts her darkest spell. Her fear of Eclipsa and her possible escape are also on display in "Toffee".


Star Butterfly

S2E15 Queen Butterfly kneels down to Star

Moon and her daughter.

Queen Butterfly is initially a very strict and stubborn authoritarian figure in Star's life. She agreed with her husband to send Star to Earth to train, but she puts her under the constant threat that if she misbehaves she'll be sent to St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses. She demands that Star follows in her footsteps as queen and follow the customs and traditions of her kingdom and expects nothing less but compliance from Star. In "Sleep Spells", Moon calls Star for her "daily reminder to behave like the queen-in-training" that she is. Her overbearing attitude towards Star and the pressure she puts on her leads Marco to state that Star has "mother issues".

However, Moon does deeply care for and love her daughter, and even worries about her. In "Storm the Castle", she was not angry at Star for almost destroying the wand, she was just glad she was safe, but after Star leaves she tells her husband that she's not sure if they did the right thing by sending Star to Earth. In "Game of Flags", after hearing Star's reasons for running the Game of Flags against her wishes, Moon admits that she misjudged Star and that she is the perfect blend between the Butterflys and Johansens. In "Page Turner", Glossaryck questions her approach to being a parent. In "Face the Music", Moon admits to Star that she can be strict with her sometimes but is nonetheless very proud of her and how far she's come with her magic. Earlier in the same episode, Moon tells Lady Avarius that mothers cannot always control the path their children take, once again demonstrating how accepting of Star Moon has become.

After Star loses her spell book and Glossaryck when Ludo steals them, Moon considers having Star come back home to Mewni, and she is shocked when she learns that Star is extremely advanced in her magic, something that her godmother Baby has not seen since Queen Eclipsa (Star's ninth great-grandmother who ran off with a monster). In "Starcrushed", due to the looming threat of Toffee, Moon tells Star they must leave for Mewni, and, after Star learns that Toffee has returned, agrees. Despite becoming accepting and proud of Star, she will not hesitate to be strict toward Star in order to keep her safe.

Moon later grows to trust Star more as the series progresses; she makes an ally out of Buff Frog at Star's insistence, despite her strong prejudice against monsters as a result of her own upbringing. At one point, she also willingly hands over Toffee's severed finger to get Star back from him.

When it appears as if Star is dead, Moon furiously attacks Toffee, even trying to use her "darkest spell" while aiming at his heart. After Toffee dismisses her efforts, Moon desperately tries to reassemble the wand's fragments, hoping vainly that it will bring Star back. After Star returns and defeats Toffee, Moon is overjoyed and hugs her, calling her "my baby".

In "Starfari", it is shown that she and Star still don't see eye to eye on some matters, as seen when they argue over what does and does not make someone a monster.

King Butterfly

S2E40 Queen Moon kisses River on the cheek

Moon and River.

Like Star, Moon does not tolerate River's messiness or destructiveness. In "Royal Pain" she kicked him out of the castle just because of him not cleaning up his messes. In "Storm the Castle", it is revealed that River's teeth tend to whistle whenever he says a word with an "S" in it. Moon is greatly annoyed by this and she tells River: "I love you honey, I just can't deal with that today." However, she still greatly loves her husband, despite that her family despises River's family, who are barbaric and messy like him.

In "Face the Music", River worries about Moon going to the Forest of Certain Death, but Moon assures him she will be fine, and kisses him before she leaves.

In "Moon the Undaunted", which shows Moon and River in their teen years, young River has a crush on Moon, but he acts nervous around her. When River tries to stand up for Moon in the war meeting, Moon smiles at him. She later thanks him for believing in her and hugs him after her confrontation with Toffee.

As shown in "Marco and the King", Moon leaves an outfit out for him each day every time she has to leave the castle for an extended period of time. In "Puddle Defender", despite not returning to the castle for her husband at Star's insistence, she expresses her immense worry for him to Buff Frog.


S2E23 Moon Butterfly's Tapestry

Younger Moon fighting Toffee.

Moon and Toffee's relationship is first hinted at in "Fortune Cookies" and "Storm the Castle" when Toffee reveals his knowledge of the Whispering Spell. It is revealed in "Into the Wand" that Moon fought Toffee when she was younger and used her "darkest spell" to permanently sever the middle finger on his right hand. The two meet and do battle again in "Starcrushed", after Toffee possesses Ludo's body. Moon ultimately loses, and before she leaves, Toffee says "Tell Star I'm coming for my finger". After this, Moon forces Star to leave Earth for Mewni, showing that she fears Toffee and sees him as a true threat.

In "Return to Mewni", it is revealed that Toffee killed Moon's mother. This event, as further explored in "Moon the Undaunted", forced a teenage Moon to make a deal with Eclipsa in order to defeat Toffee and caused her to drop her original "happy-go-lucky" personality, beginning Moon's lifelong grudge against Toffee and vice-versa.

Powers and abilities

  • Royal wand: Queen Butterfly was the previous owner of the royal magic wand before passing it down to Star, and she once used it to permanently sever one of Toffee's fingers.
  • Mewberty form: Queen Butterfly can change into her Mewberty form at will. She has blue skin, six arms, and large butterfly wings capable of flight.
  • Inherent magic: As a queen of Mewni, Queen Butterfly has magic deep within her body that she can access by "dipping down". With this reservoir of magic power, she can fire energy from her hands and create magical constructs such as whips and energy swords.
  • Swordsmanship: Queen Butterfly has proven to be proficient with both regular swords and energy swords created with her magic.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


S2E3 Queen Butterfly 'you don't have time for warnicorns'
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  • Her heart-shaped hair might be modeled after Queen Elizabeth I of England, the last monarch of the Tudor dynasty.
  • "Into the Wand" reveals that Queen Butterfly was the one who first defeated Toffee and severed the middle finger of his right hand.[8]
    • "Into the Wand" also reveals that Moon wore her hair down in her youth, greatly resembling her daughter's style, and had a pet pig-goat named "Lil Chauncey" whom she used to ride into battle.
  • "Moon the Undaunted" revealed that Moon became queen when she was not much older than Star, due to her mother being killed by Toffee and his army of rogue monsters.
    • "Moon the Undaunted" also revealed that she has had dark veins on her arms (similar to Eclipsa's) ever since casting 'her darkest spell' to strike down Toffee.
  • In "Game of Flags", it is revealed that Queen Butterfly is the only member of the royal family willing to tolerate the rambunctiousness of the Johansen family, as a result of her marriage to River Johansen, who would become King Butterfly. The rest of the family openly disapproves of their marriage, and often chastises her for their union.
  • When Moon was a princess, she wore the same crown that Star now owns and wears on special occasions.
  • At the end of "Storm the Castle", when Queen Butterfly hugs Star, a part of her hair falls out only to have Star reattach it, suggesting the curls on the sides of her head in Season 1 were hair extensions.
  • Moon states in "My New Wand!" that she learned how to "dip down" at age 19.
  • In "Marco and the King", the pillow she normally sleeps on has an imprint of her lips and her eyelashes, implying that she normally sleeps face-down and wears makeup to bed.
    • Stump Day” reveals she also wears her hair down to sleep, and it apears wavy and messier, and her bangs do not show.
  • According to Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, Queen Butterfly took a pole dancing class at one point in her life.
  • According to Dominic Bisignano, Moon was born on the 1st Corn of Diamond.[9]


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