Quest Buy Rush is an endless runner platformer game based on Star vs. the Forces of Evil in which Star races through Quest Buy on a rocket scooter.

It was made available to play on Disney XD's official website and mobile app on July 8, 2016.


Quest Buy Rush gameplay 4
The game is a platformer game with some elements of a rail shooter, similar to Bit.Trip Runner and Sonic Dash. Gameplay takes place on a 2D plane filled with randomly generated monsters and Quest Buy sloth clerks, and players control Star Butterfly as she moves automatically from left to right on a rocket-powered scooter.

The game's field of play is split into three lanes: top, middle, and bottom. Players can jump over (or on top of) approaching obstacles by tapping the screen and switch lanes by swiping up or down on the screen. Monsters can be jumped over or shot with power-ups, but sloth clerks cannot be jumped over or shot, and the player must switch to another lane to avoid them.

Coins or crystals are collected as the player plays and used to purchase power-ups, extra lives, and optional alternate costumes. The objective of the game is to get as far as possible and get as high a score as possible before hitting an obstacle and losing. There are also additional objectives that involve collecting a certain number of coins/crystals or jumping over/shooting a certain number of monsters.


  • Wand Charger: Can be picked up in random points throughout the game. Collecting three will trigger an explosion that removes all monsters and sloth clerks currently on the screen.
  • Glowing Shield: Only obtainable in the power-up shop.
  • Butterfly Blast: Only obtainable in the power-up shop.
  • Dice: Only obtainable in the power-up shop.


Major characters

Minor characters



  • Like Creature Capture and Star vs. the Dungeon of Evil, an instrumental version of the series' theme song plays on the game's title screen.
  • Collecting coins/crystals and getting a high score appears to only be possible in the mobile version of the game; in the browser version, the player's score remains stuck at zero.
  • Star's warrior costume from "School Spirit" and ballgown from "Blood Moon Ball" are available in the game as alternate outfits.
  • The music that plays during the game is the same score that plays in "Sleep Spells" when Marco chases after Princess Smooshy.
  • Mina Loveberry's introduction theme plays on the game's Game Over screen.