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Rafael Diaz[3] is Marco's father, and Star's host father while she stays on Earth. He is the husband of Angie Diaz.


Rafael has dark brown hair, brown eyes, a thin short black mustache, tan skin, and a muscular build. He wears a yellow shirt with two dark yellow and white stripes running down the middle, dark gray pants, and yellow shoes. Under his clothes, he has a large amount of body hair.


Like his wife, Rafael is always cheerful and tends to look on the bright side of things, which combined with his child-like personality, often bothers Marco. He is also rather artistic, as he has sculpted a huge statue of Star and is shown to speed-paint in place of taking pictures while vacationing. Rafael is openly affectionate, and constantly dotes on both his family and Star.

"Hungry Larry" shows that Rafael can be very determined when the lives of his family are at risk, as shown when he single-handedly defeats the titular spirit.


Angie Diaz

Angie is Rafael's wife. The two are quite loving and affectionate with other. Rafael can even be heard commenting on his wife's beauty on occasion.

Marco Diaz

Marco is Rafael's son, and they care for each other very much, though Marco is often irritated by his father's upbeat personality.

In "Starcrushed", Rafael gives Marco some sage fatherly advice regarding the recent awkwardness between him and Star, and playfully tousles his son's hair.

Star Butterfly

Rafael and his wife are won over by Star almost immediately. Embracing the wonderment of Mewni and its magic, he greatly enjoys having Star around, and even carves a stone statue of her head in "Sleep Spells".

Charlie Booth

Charlie, posing as "Gustav", stayed with Rafael and his family on two occasions, while pretending to be a Scandinavian exchange student. Rafael and his family hold him in high regard.


Season 1

Season 2


S1E6 Mr. Diaz drives horns into a wall
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  • As shown in "Sleep Spells", he is skilled in stone carving.
  • "Hungry Larry" reveals that he likes to scare kids on Halloween (but isn't very good at it).
  • According to a Disney XD YouTube live chat with Marco Diaz, Rafael first met Angie when they were in high school, and they were high school sweethearts.


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