Rhombulus is a member of the Magic High Commission who first appears in "Page Turner".


Rhombulus is a tall humanoid-like creature with green skin. He has a large crystal for a head, two small blue crystals on his chest, green snakes for arms and legs, and one eye. He wears a long purple cape (which also functions as a hood) and purple underwear briefs.


Rhombulus has a very short temper and will quickly engage those he thinks have insulted him. He is also somewhat immature, typically being disciplined by being put in a time-out corner and threatening to crystallize himself because he thinks no one would miss him. As demonstrated in "Crystal Clear", Rhombulus is also very impulsive and has a tendency of acting without thinking things through, which has resulted in him suspecting many creatures of being evil and imprisoning them in crystal, some of whom may be innocent.

Rhombulus' snake hands have minds of their own, and they sometimes act as the voice of reason for Rhombulus' reckless ideas. Unfortunately, Rhombulus seldom listens to them.


Rhombulus first appears in "Page Turner" as a member of the Magic High Commission with Hekapoo, Chancellor Lekmet, and Omnitraxus Prime. He and the other council members call Glossaryck into their office at the Bureaucracy of Magic, and he almost immediately gets into a conflict with Glossaryck when Glossaryck calls him a child. For his immaturity, Hekapoo puts him in the time-out corner.

In "Crystal Clear", Rhombulus captures Star Butterfly under suspicion of sapping magical energy from the universe and brings her before Lekmet. However, Rhombulus has no hard proof of Star's guilt. Before Lekmet can inform the other members of the Magic High Commission, Rhombulus freezes him in crystal. With a situation spiraling out of his control, Rhombulus makes an unlikely friend in Star Butterfly, who encourages him to think things through more without relying on his gut intuition. She also reveals to him that she lost Glossaryck and her book of spells to Ludo, and he promises to tell no-one about it.

In "Face the Music", he and the rest of the Commission attend Star's Song Day ceremony. He cheers for Star during the song, and later becomes flustered when the rest of the Commision admonishes Queen Butterfly for keeping them in the dark regarding the loss of Glossaryck and the book of spells (which was revealed in the song's lyrics). In "Starcrushed", Rhombulus takes part in a mission to recover Glossaryck and the book of spells from Ludo, and he engages Toffee in battle, but Toffee absorbs his powers.

In "Return to Mewni", Rhombulus is stated to be in stasis, and Star and Moon bring his and the rest of the Commission's bodies to the Magic Sanctuary in an effort to restore them. In "Moon the Undaunted", he appears in flashback as a member of Queen Moon's royal court. In "Rest in Pudding", he attends Lekmet's funeral, fondly reminscing on happy memories with him.

In "Stranger Danger", he and the rest of the Commission capture the freed Eclipsa, and examine Star to see if Star was affected by Eclipsa's "evil". In "Monster Bash", he leads a raid on the monster temple during Star's party. In "Total Eclipsa the Moon", Rhombulus and the rest of commission are seen rushing to the Bureaucracy of Magic's archive room after Moon accidentally triggers the alarm.

In "Butterfly Trap", Rhombulus takes part in Eclipsa's trial, where it is revealed he and the rest of the High Commission orchestrated a conspiracy to replace Eclipsa's daughter Meteora on the throne with the peasant girl Festivia.

In "Divide", Rhombulus and the Magic High Commission try to serve as advisors for acting queen Star, but Star immediately dismisses them for their deception toward the Butterfly family. As they depart, Rhombulus petulantly states that Star will need them.



It is presumed that Rhombulus and Glossaryck's relationship is very unstable due to Rhombulus's childishness and Glossaryck's tendency to taunt others.[1] Prior to their confrontation in "Page Turner", Rhombulus and Glossaryck had apparently gotten into a separate conflict at the Magic High Commission's previous meeting.[2]

It is revealed in "Crystal Clear" that Rhombulus gave Glossaryck his forehead gem, but Glossaryck never thanked him. Despite all of this, however, Rhombulus admits to Star Butterfly that Glossaryck is the most powerful, all-knowing being in the universe.

Star Butterfly

Rhombulus initially suspects Star of draining magic from the universe and freezes her in crystal. After he interrogates her, he inadvertently ends up bonding with her over their shared annoyance toward Glossaryck. As a gesture of their newfound friendship, Rhombulus gives Star one of his chest diamonds.

In "Face the Music", Rhombulus cheers during Star's Song Day song, saying "That's my girl!" In "Monster Bash", he gets angry at Star for throwing a party at the monster temple.


Rhombulus dutifully serves Chancellor Lekmet of the Magic High Commission as both his subordinate and caretaker. In "Page Turner", he shields Lekmet from harm, and in "Crystal Clear", he cares for his well-being and states he is the only one who can understand his goat language. According to storyboard artist Sabrina Cotugno, Rhombulus and Lekmet are "live-in boyfriends with some communication issues".[3] After Lekmet's passing, Rhombulus fondly reminisces on the good times they had together.

Queen Butterfly

In "Butterfly Trap", when prompted by the Box of Truth, Rhombulus reveals that he has a crush on Queen Moon.

Powers and abilities

  • Crystallokinesis: Rhombulus can generate crystals from his snake hands or eye, which can trap people and objects in crystal or be fired as crystal projectiles. He states that at their full strength, they are as hard as diamonds. He can also crystallize his snake hands to use them like brass knuckles.
  • Super strength: Rhombulus has superhuman, or at least above-average, physical strength, capable of flipping a large table and hurling it through a glass window.


Season 2

Season 3


S2E34 Rhombulus stands before frozen Star
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  • Rhombulus' snake-like feet resemble the jagged-teeth monster boots worn by Star and at least one other member of the Butterfly family. It is unknown if this is intentional or coincidence.
  • His name is a portmanteau of "rhombus", a four-sided shape, and Romulus, the legendary founder of Rome.
  • In "Butterfly Trap", Rhombulus is revealed to have a crush on Queen Butterfly.
  • According to Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, Glossaryck created Rhombulus to serve as the Magic High Commission's muscle.


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