Sir Lavabo is the "Knight of the Wash", in charge of washing the clothes of everyone in Butterfly Castle, who first appears in "Scent of a Hoodie".


Lavabo is an adult man of slightly muscular build with brown skin, pale blue mustache and beard, dark gray eyebrows, and blue eyes. He wears a green tunic and hood, gray undershirt, yellow rubber gloves, brown pants, and maroon boots. He speaks with a distinguished Spanish accent.


Sir Lavabo first appears in "Scent of a Hoodie" as the "Knight of the Wash". He is in charge of doing all the laundry in Butterfly Castle, a duty he takes incredibly seriously. When Star Butterfly accidentally loses Marco Diaz's hoodie down the laundry chute, she tries to get it back from Lavabo before it gets washed, but upon seeing the filthy state it's in, Lavabo insists on washing it. He goes into a lengthy monologue about being inspired by his father to uphold the legacy of their family.

When Star forces her way into the laundry room, Lavabo, dressed in knight armor, flees with the hoodie and evades Star's attempts to retrieve. He is eventually cornered on top of the master wash when Star uses her magic to restrain him. After a brief misunderstanding in which Lavabo believes Star is going to kill him over the hoodie, he succeeds in washing the hoodie but assures Star that he put the machine on gentle cycle. Once the hoodie is clean, Lavabo returns it to Star.

In "Lint Catcher", after Marco leaves Earth to move in with Star, Star appoints him as Lavabo's squire, much to Lavabo's delight and Marco's disappointment. His first task for Marco is to empty out the laundry room's lint catcher. After Star and Marco succeed in destroying the lint monster inside, Lavabo congratulates Marco for a job well done, saying he himself was the only other squire to survive completing such a task.


Season 3


S3E8 Sir Lavabo 'I swore at that very day'
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  • The word "lavabo" is Spanish for "bathroom sink".
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