This page is a list of known magic spells used in the series, mostly by Star Butterfly.

Offensive spells

Name First seen Description Image
Bacon Kitty Hawaiian Nightmare Disney XD Animation Presentation Promo Shoots a blast of three-eyed kittens, bacon, and pineapples.
Variations: Rainbow Glitter Unicorn Gnome Hat Kitty Bacon Hawaiian Nightmare[1]
SvtFoE - Bacon Kitty Hawaiian Nightmare
Bunny Rabbit Blast The Other Exchange Student Shoots a powerful blast of energy and bunnies. Used by Star to leap for a far distance.
Other names: Rabbit Rocket Blast.[2]
S1E6 Bunny Rabbit Blast
Cataclysmic Total Extinction Death Blast Camping Trip Unknown; Marco interrupts Star before she can cast this spell on a mosquito. Presumably generates a large, extinction-level blast of energy. S2E10 Star about to kill mosquito with magic
Cupcake Blast Cheer Up, Star Summons pink cupcakes.
Other names: Poison Crystal Cupcake Kiss.[3]
S1E7 Star hits monster with Cupcake Blast
Dagger Crystal Heart Attack Match Maker Shoots heart-shaped daggers that are used as projectiles.
Other names: Dagger Heart Blast.[4]
S1E3 Star firing crystal heart daggers
Flying Pig Blast Spider With a Top Hat Presumably creates a blast of flying pigs.
Glitter Whale Battering Ram Scent of a Hoodie Shoots out a small whale to ram through a door. S3E8 Star Butterfly summons a winged rainbow whale
Glowworm Blast The Other Exchange Student Shoots blue glowworms that explode on impact. S1E6 Gustav dodges blast of glow worms
Laser Beam Blast Marco Jr. A white-hot laser blast that reduces the target to ashes. S3E32 Marco's painting gets blasted with magic
Makeup Blast Spider With a Top Hat Presumably creates a blast of makeup.
Mega Starfish Tsunami Bon Bon the Birthday Clown Creates a blast of rushing water and starfishes. S2E27 Star casting Mega Starfish Tsunami on Ludo
Mega Mushroom Destruction Blast Fortune Cookies Creates a blast of mushrooms that causes enemies to grow mushrooms on their bodies. S1E16 Monsters blown away by mushroom blast
Narwhal Blast Star Comes to Earth Shoots a stream of narwhals to fly everywhere and land on enemies.
Variations: Mega Narwhal Blast,[5] Nightmare Narwhal Blast.[6]
S1e1 powerful spell is used
Pile Driver Panda Explosion Scent of a Hoodie Shoots a stream of pandas to fly everywhere and blow stuff up. S3E8 Star blows the laundry door down with pandas
Radical Rainbow Blast Star vs. Echo Creek Creates a blast of rainbow lights.
Rainbow Avalanche Quest Buy Presumably creates a blast of liquid rainbow, but it appears as a mere trickle when Star's magic wand is low on power. S1E8 Star's wand fires rainbow trickle
Rainbow Blast Match Maker Shoots a rainbow, hearts, and winged bunnies at the target. S1E3 Emmitt is hit by rainbow blast
Rainbow Fist Punch Star Comes to Earth Creates a rainbow with a fist at the end. Used for punching enemies.
Variations: Double Rainbow Fist.[7]
S1e1 star blastes monster in the neck
Rolling Thunder Lightning Blast Lint Catcher Fires a blast of thunder and lightning. S3E14 Star casting Rolling Thunder Lightning Blast
Raspberry Panzerfaust St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses Launches a magical missile that destroys or blows up distant targets. S1E19 Portal-disrupting tower destroyed
Shimmering Destructo Cannon Girls' Day Out Creates a heart-themed bazooka that fires missiles from numerous ports. S2E16 Star holding a bazooka and missile launcher
Shooting Star Explosion Gift of the Card Shoots explosive shooting stars. S2E18 Star Butterfly casts Shooting Star Explosion
Spider With A Top Hat Blast Spider With a Top Hat Summons Spider With a Top Hat, who can transform his hat into a minigun. S2E22 Spider With a Top Hat firing his laser cannon
Stardust Daisy Devastation Lobster Claws Shoots a yellow energy beam of daisies. S1E13 Star casts Stardust Daisy Devastation
Strawberry Annihilation Pixtopia Fires a powerful strawberry blast of energy. S3E38 Star casting Strawberry Annihilation
Super Geyser Windstorm Star vs. Echo Creek Creates a blast of rushing water. S2E7 Super Geyser Windstorm
Super Rainbow Dolphin Slap Diaz Family Vacation Shoots a stream of dolphins and starfish. S1E9 Star blasts a second hydra head
Super Strawberry Shake Quake Raid the Cave Creates a blast of strawberries. S2E28 Star casts Super Strawberry Shake Quake
Supersonic Leech Bomb Storm the Castle Summons a pack of leeches which stick on a surface and then explode after a several short beeps. S1E24 Supersonic Attack
Syrup Tsunami Shockwave Cheer Up, Star Summons a tidal wave of maple syrup to wash enemies away. The tsunami produced has a large area of effect. S1E7 Star casts Syrup Tsunami Shockwave
Thermonuclear Butterfly Blast Match Maker Creates an explosion of fire and butterflies in a localized area. S1E3 Blast of magic behind the Diaz house
Tiara Tornado Raid the Cave Showers surrounding targets with a volley of crowns and tiaras. Originally interrupted in "The Banagic Incident". S2E28 Star Butterfly casting Tiara Tornado
Toothpaste Tidal Blast Spider With a Top Hat Presumably creates a tidal wave of toothpaste.
Winterstorm Hyperblow Pixtopia Creates a blast of frigid air that causes freezing. S1E12 Guards frozen in place
Unnamed Bow-and-Arrow Spell The Bogbeast of Boggabah Transforms the royal magic wand into a bow that shoots magical arrows.
Unnamed Missile Launcher Spell Storm the Castle Fires an explosive missile from the wand's head using an aura-generated guidance system. S2E28 Star Butterfly wielding a magic rocket launcher

Creation spells

Name First seen Description Image
Cotton Candy Cloud By the Book Creates a pink cloud that spits out spaghetti and meatballs. S2E14 Marco Diaz tells Star to 'study a bit more'
Foaming Twinkle Bubble Ripple Brittney's Party Creates a large clam-shaped hot tub. S1E10 Foaming Twinkle Bubble Ripple
Honeybee Tornado Swarm Cheer Up, Star Creates a swarm of honeybees. S1E7 Star casts Honeybee Tornado Swarm
Radiant Rainbow Bridge Girls' Day Out Creates a rainbow bridge. S2E16 Radiant Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Diaper Blast Running with Scissors Magically gives the target a diaper and causes it to float. S2E31 Dog walker 'this new dog park is really confusing'
Rainbow Flytrap Pixtopia Creates a sticky rainbow-colored surface that acts as a flytrap. S1E12 Pixie Empress and guards caught in trap
Rubber Sparkle Bounce House Brittney's Party Creates a bounce house or turns the interior of a closed space into a bounce house. S1E10 Star creates a bounce house
Shimmering Crystal Seesaw Bon Bon the Birthday Clown Creates a seesaw made of crystal stone. S2E27 Star launches giant spider into the air
Sparkle Kitten Fireworks Shower Starcrushed Creates fireworks that explode into raining kittens. S2E41 Star Butterfly's fireworks explode into cats
Squeaky Clean Bath Beam Starsitting Creates a bathtub filled with water and rubber ducks. S2E11 Bathtub filled with water in the living room
Unnamed Air Bubble Spell Star vs. Echo Creek Creates a bubble of air around the caster. S2E7 Star Butterfly making a magic air bubble
Unnamed Bed Spell Sweet Dreams Creates a bed. S3E18 Star Butterfly making a new bed
Unnamed Boots Spell Camping Trip Creates a pair of boots. S2E10 Star Butterfly poofs up a pair of boots
Unnamed Cake Spell Storm the Castle Creates a giant bouncing cake. S1E24 Sandwich Landing
Unnamed Chew Toy Spell Fetch Creates a bone shaped chew toy. S2E6 Chew toy appears in Willoughby's mouth
Unnamed Eye Spider Spell Raid the Cave Creates a group of eye spiders. Star mistakenly casts this while trying to summon the All-Seeing Eye. S2E28 Star Butterfly looking at eye spiders
Unnamed Flaming Rainbow Spell Star Comes to Earth Creates a rainbow that spontaneously bursts on fire. S1e1 flaming rainbow disaster
Unnamed Gold'n Crispz Spell Toffee Creates a bag of Gold'n Crispz. S3E7 Star Butterfly conjures a bags of Gold'n Crispz
Unnamed Laser Puppy Creation Spell Star Comes to Earth Creates a litter of eight laser puppies or one single puppy. S1e1 star brings puppies into existence
Unnamed Love Sentence T-shirt Spell Just Friends Creates three Love Sentence t-shirts with Star, Marco and Jackie's faces. S2E39 Star produces Love Sentence concert tees
Unnamed Mustache Spell Freeze Day Creates a mustache on the target's face. S1E17 Mustache
Unnamed Stretchy Arm Spell Demoncism Creates a hand with a stretchable arm to reach objects from faraway. S3E12 Star using a magic hand to grab Cornritos

Transmutation spells

Name First seen Description Image
Beanbag Monster Metamorphosis Sleep Spells Transforms a beanbag into a living creature. S1E14 Beanbag turns into a monster
Emerald Snake Strike Party With a Pony Creates green snakes or turns an object or objects into green snakes.
Variations: Shiny Emerald Snake Strike.[8]
S1e2 snakes come out
Food Truck Bed Transform Sweet Dreams Transforms a food truck into a bed. S3E18 Star merges her bed with Goblin Dog truck
Glitter Dragon Escalation The Other Exchange Student Transforms a broken bridge into a dragon made out of energy to lift the bridge and get the user to the other side. S1E6 Glitter Dragon Escalation
Kitten Pegasus Battle Barrel Scent of a Hoodie Turns a barrel into a flying barrel with cat eyes, paws, and tail. S3E8 Star and Pony Head in a winged kitten barrel
Lamp Destroy Sleep Spells Turns a lamp sentient which chases a target with an electrified plug. S1E14 Star's lamp attacks Marco
Lightning Turtle Rescue Sleep Spells Shoots green cat-like faces which upon impact turns animated objects back to normal. S1E14 Star fires magic from her wand
Magnificence Marshmallow Mush Goblin Dogs Turns the target or targets into marshmallows. S2E13 Roy's truck's wheels turn into marshmallows
Man Magnet Love Storm Match Maker Transforms the individual affected into a troll. S1E3 Miss Skullnick turns into a troll
Mending Heart Hurricane School Spirit Returns a magically transformed person or animal to its original state.
Variations: Nuclear Heart Healing Hurricane.[9]
S1E4 Star casts Mending Heart Hurricane
Paper Tornado Sleep Spells Turns a pile of loose paper into a tornado. S1E14 Marco in a peril 1
Porcupine Beast Transformation Girls' Day Out Transforms an object into a giant six-legged porcupine. S2E16 Star and Janna on a porcupine beast
Radiant Shadow Transform St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses Alters one's physical appearance. S1E19 Radiant Shadow Transform
Releaseo Demonius Infestica Monster Arm Gives the person/creature affected a tentacle for an arm. The tentacle does not act as part of the original body, but has a will of its own. Marco freaks out at his monster arm
Returneo Armeus Normalreno Monster Arm Creates or transforms anything into a normal, functioning arm. The arm itself seems to have a mind of its own. Also removes the effects of Releaseo Demonius Infestica. S1E5 Star succesfully makes an arm
Shimmer Soap Tentacle Wave Scent of a Hoodie Turns clothes into tentacles that restrain the target. S3E8 Tentacles of dirty laundry coil through the air
Sparkle Glitter Bomb Expand Star Comes to Earth Expands a space into an elaborate room. S1e1 room has been made
Sparkledust Beard Expand[6] Marco Grows a Beard Stimulates beard growth in a host that eventually suffocates and destroys the host with said beard. S1E23 Marco's beard grows uncontrollably
Sunshine Friendship Spell Wand to Wand Causes the person/creature affected to instantly be in a good, friendly mood. Effect varies depending on the caster's emotions. S2E8 Star casts positive Sunshine Friendship Spell
Unnamed Butterfly Spell Match Maker Transforms a target's face into a butterfly. S1E3 Marco with a butterfly-shaped head
Unnamed Butterfly Monster Spell Star Comes to Earth Transforms a butterfly into a giant winged white-and-pink monster. S1e1 screeching butterfly monster
Unnamed Carrot Spell The Bounce Lounge Transforms the target into a large carrot. S2E33 Seabunny captain gets turned into a carrot
Unnamed Hair-Styling Spell Monster Arm Magically styles the hair of the user or target. S1E5 Star with several hairstyles

Summoning spells

Name First seen Description Image
Cutie Kitten Clutter Cleaners Deep Trouble Summons a litter of kittens in maid outfits to clean up a dirty room or space. SvtFoE - Cutie Kitten Clutter Cleaners
Rainbow Raccoon Rotation Freeze Day Summons a rotating raccoon meant to run on Father Time's wheel. S1E17 Rainbow Raccoon Rotation
Snail Helper Height Blast Creature Capture Summons blue snails with pink shields, both normal and winged variations, to reach out-of-reach places. Creature Capture opening scene 4
Starlight Foot Smash The Banagic Incident Summons a horse from underground to slam its hind legs into an object and propel it into the air. S1E21 Starlight Foot Smash
Summoning Cloudy Charm Wand to Wand Summons Cloudy the cloud. Effect varies depending on the caster's emotions.
Other names: Super Sparkle Cloudy.[10]
S2E13 Star Butterfly summoning Cloudy
Sunshine Locker Slap Marco Grows a Beard Summons a minotaur to ram the target. S1E23 Minotaur crashes into Star's locker
Warnicorn Stampede By the Book Summons a stampede of warnicorns. Invented by Star's ancestor Skywynne, Queen of Hours.[6] S2E14 Warnicorn Stampede
Unnamed Sunshine Spell Star Comes to Earth Summons a small happy sun that transforms into a raincloud. S1e1 a happy mini-sun

Physics-altering spells

Name First seen Description Image
Easy Peasy Time Freezy Freeze Day Brings all time to a standstill. S1E17 Star freezes time
Glitter Grenade Rewind The Banagic Incident Rewinds a television program.
Levitato The Hard Way Levitates one or more objects into the air. S2E35 Ludo skillfully levitating apples
Lightning Change Back Match Maker Teleports the caster and other nearby targets to the caster's home. S1E3 Star and Marco caught in magic field
S1E3 Star, Marco, and Skullnick teleported to Star's room
Mystic Room Suck Transform Star Comes to Earth Creates a wormhole in any designated space, whether on the ground or in the air, and sucks everything nearby into it. Other names: Mystic Suck Portal.[11] S1e1 black hole made
Unnamed Telekinesis Spell Wand to Wand Manipulate objects with the mind. S2E8 Mewni battleship in a bottle
Unnamed Window Spell Girls' Day Out Creates an open window in a solid wall. S2E16 Star Butterfly creates an escape window

Dark spells

Name First seen Description Image
All-Seeing Eye Bon Bon the Birthday Clown A dark magic spell that allows the user to view events happening in other locations. S2E27 Star spying on Jackie and Marco
Black Velvet Inferno Conquer A spell that traps the target in an inescapable black sphere and engulfs them in searing white light. The spell reverts Meteora back to infancy. S3E38 Eclipsa trapping Meteora in a black sphere
Midnight Shriek Conquer An offensive dark magic spell that blasts the target with magic from a black spectral butterfly. S3E38 Eclipsa casting Midnight Shriek
Whispering Spell Storm the Castle Destroys the royal magic wand and causes it to self-detonate. Stated to be the first spell Star learned from her mother. Star Wand
Unnamed "Darkest Spell" Moon the Undaunted The "darkest spell" in Queen Butterfly's arsenal. A blast of dark energy that has the ability to kill Septarians (e.g Toffee) or other immortal beings as well as negate their regenerative abilities. Use of this spell comes with the cost of blackening the user's hands. Invented by Eclipsa Butterfly, the Queen of Darkness.  S3E2 Queen Moon unleashing her darkest spell

Other spells

Name First seen Description Image
Bright-Glow Pyro Star vs. Echo Creek Shoots flames into the air that explode into fireworks. S2E7 Fireworks in the sky
Cotton Candy Fire Extinguish Lobster Claws Extinguishes flames by smothering them in pink cotton candy. S1E13 House filled with cotton candy
Fantastic Exit Beam Quest Buy Creates an "exit sign" beam of light that pushes the caster toward a given place's exit. S1E8 Fantastic Exit Beam
Escape Route Blast Puddle Defender Fires a blast of magic that breaks through walls to create an escape route. S3E5 Star's wand blasts a hole in the Sanctuary
Jellybean Hallucination Mist Star Comes to Earth Causes affected person/creature to hallucinate (e.g. faces on hands) and to see jellybeans everywhere. Used to daze and confuse enemies. S1e1 buff frog is confused
Magical Moth Chain Blast Demoncism Presumably unlocks locks or chains. Has no effect on objects enchanted with demon magic. S3E12 Tom's shackles covered in pink magic
Mega-Explosive Crystal Laser Sleep Spells Creates a beam of red light similar to a laser pointer. Supposedly capable of neutralizing entire planets.[6] S1E14 Mega Explosive Crystal Laser
Mind Eraser Total Eclipsa the Moon Erases the target's memory and temporarily puts them in a vegetative state. Can be cast without the use of the wand. S3E28 Sean drooling on the floor
Raspberry Ribbon Lasso Wand to Wand Creates a ribbon of light that can latch onto other objects. S2E8 Star casting Raspberry Ribbon Lasso
Sparkle Slushy Juice Blast Lint Catcher Fires a blast of slushy juice to propel the user into the air. S3E14 Star casting Sparkle Slushy Juice Blast
Sparkling Spiral Noodle Star vs. Echo Creek Unknown. Star casts this spell off-screen.
Tidying-Up Tidal Wave Wand to Wand Unknown. Star decides not to cast this spell. Presumably cleans up a place or area in an instant.
Unnamed Clock Spell Gift of the Card Projects the time of day from a clock. S2E18 Star projecting a clock with her wand
Unnamed Freezing Spell Blood Moon Ball Freezes someone in a large block of ice. S1E15 Tom frozen in ice
Unnamed Illumination Spell Monster Bash Illuminates a dark space with light. S3E24 Star illuminates the dark with her wand
Unnamed Infrared Detection Spell Camping Trip Tracks the whereabouts of someone. S2E10 Star's wand tracking King Butterfly
Unnamed Lockpick Spell Stranger Danger Unlocks one or more locks/padlocks instantly. S3E11 Star Butterfly magically unlocks the door
Unnamed Umbrella Spell Camping Trip Creates an umbrella. S2E10 Star and Marco float with an umbrella
Unnamed Writing Spell Fetch Inscribes words onto an object. S2E6 Willoughby wearing a new dog tag


  • The incantation for the All-Seeing Eye spell is "I summon the All-Seeing Eye to tear a hole into the sky. Reveal to me that which is hidden. Unveil to me what is forbidden."
  • The incantation for the Whispering Spell is a series of whispers, spoken too quietly to make out any of the words.
  • The incantation for Moon's "darkest spell" is "I call the darkness unto me from deepest depths of Earth and sea. From ancient evils unawoken, break the one that can't be broken. To blackest night, I pledge my soul and crush my heart to burning coal. To summon forth a deathly power, to see my hated foe devoured."
    • The incantation is slightly different in "Toffee than in "Moon the Undaunted": "I call the darkness unto me from deepest depths of Earth and sea. From ancient evils unawoken, break the one who can't be broken. From blackest night, I pledge my soul and crush my heart to burning coal. To summon forth a deadly power, to see my hated foe devoured."
  • According to Glossaryck in "The Hard Way", most of the spells Star has used come directly from Star's imagination, so they are not in the Magic Instruction Book.
  • The "darkest spell" blackens the user's arms further, every time it is used. The effects worsen even if the spell itself is not successfully cast, as seen in "Toffee". The full effects of the blackness are not yet known.


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