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Spider With a Top Hat is one of Star Butterfly's summoning spells and magical friends in Star vs. the Forces of Evil. He is an entertainment spell who dreams of becoming a fighting spell.


As his name suggests, Spider With a Top Hat is a black-mustached spider who uses two of his legs as arms and the remaining six for walking. He wears a tall black top hat and white gloves. Spider sometimes appears with blue and pink skin, but in his most prominent appearance to date, his skin is purple.


As an entertainment spell, Spider With a Top Hat is very cheerful, comical, and optimistic. He enjoys making his fellow spells smile and laugh with his antics and jokes. Because of his dream to be a warrior spell, Spider is also very determined and self-confident. While he is happy to be an entertainment spell, his fighting dreams drive him forward, causing him to be easily crushed when he fails.


Spider With a Top Hat first makes a cameo appearance (with pink skin) in "The Other Exchange Student" when Star Butterfly demonstrates for Marco Diaz that she can make things just as impressively as Gustav. He also appears walking alongside Star in the ending credits sequence of every episode (with blue skin) in season 1 and 2.

In his titular season 2 episode, Spider With a Top Hat appears as Star's most entertaining magic spell. His role is to entertain Star's other spells with refreshments, comedy, and dancing after each monster battle and keep up their morale. However, Spider secretly dreams of being a strong warrior spell like Narwhal Blast and Warnicorn Stampede.

Spider tries to prove his strength and warrior spirit by repeatedly throwing himself against his bedroom wall, crying out "Spider With a Top Hat Blast!", in an attempt to break it, and he tries lifting weights with the Warnicorns. Unfortunately, he fails at both of these.

One day, however, Spider succeeds in proving himself by fending off a giant monster with the laser-shooting minigun concealed in his top hat, earning him the respect of his fellow spells. This is eventually revealed to be a dream that Spider has while sleeping, and his self-confidence is restored.


Season 1

Season 2


S2E22 Spider With a Top Hat blowing bubbles
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