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This article is about the location. You may be looking for the episode.
It's a terrible, horrible place, and no one who goes there ever comes out the same!
Star Butterfly[src]

St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses is a prison-like reform school for princesses, run by Miss Heinous.


It seems to be infamous within the princess community; Both Star Butterfly and Pony Head fear the school greatly, because they always scream whenever the school is heard or mentioned. According to Star in "Match Maker", a princess is never the same after attending the school.

As of "Sleep Spells", two named princesses are known to be in attendance at the school: Pony Head (for her behavior) and Princess Smooshy. According to Star, if her mom finds out that she failed to behave and be responsible with the wand, she will be sent there as well.

In the self-titled episode, Star and Marco sneak into the reform school in order to liberate Pony Head for her birthday. In doing so, Star finds the institution to be worse than she imagined, as the staff brainwash the princesses into being mindless, prim and proper ladies. After they free Pony Head, she and Marco incite a revolt among the princesses, damaging parts of the school and toppling the tower that prevents the use of dimensional scissors.

In "Goblin Dogs," Pony Head reveals that Miss Heinous has left St. O's, and that it has since become a "total party school."

In "Heinous", Miss Heinous reveals that, following the rebellion that Marco incited, the princesses at the school lost all respect for authority, started skipping classes just to party, and started fraternizing with princes from a neighboring reform school.

Known staff members

Known inmates



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