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I'm a magical princess from another dimension!
―Star introducing herself to Marco[src]

Princess Star Butterfly is the main protagonist of Star vs. the Forces of Evil. She is a teenage princess of the kingdom of Mewni (located in another dimension) sent to Earth by her parents in order to learn how to use the royal magic wand. In seasons 1-2, she lives with her earthly hosts, the Diaz family


Star is very energetic and friendly. She loves having fun and usually has an optimistic outlook on life. She loves to help others and whenever she sees that someone is upset, she does her best to cheer them up. Strangers, in her eyes, are just friends she has not met yet, and she feels bad if she hurts someone's feelings, whether intentionally or not. Star has a happy-go-lucky attitude and always tries to put a smile on everyone's faces. She also works very hard towards her goals, so much so that she will sometimes end up greatly sleep-deprived, as shown in "Monster Arm".

Owing to her rather sheltered upbringing, Star's optimism and enthusiasm can border on recklessness, to the point of endangering the people around her with her madcap antics. She has rather simplistic views on concepts such as leadership and responsibility, believing that prioritizing fun above all else matters the most. All this, coupled with her lack of understanding of Earth customs, often puts her and Marco in strange, dangerous situations. While rarely ever angry, she does express annoyance towards people who do not take her seriously or give her the attention she wants. Although she treats her friends kindly and rarely holds grudges against them, she is usually brutal towards her enemies.

She also holds a prejudice against monsters, believing they are "born bad", though this opinion softens a little as of "Mewnipendance Day".

She sometimes chews on the top of the wand, in something of a tic.[29]

In "Sleep Spells", she is revealed to have issues with her mother and ruling over the kingdom one day.



Star is a fourteen-year-old girl of medium height. She has fair skin, light blue eyes and long blonde hair that goes down to her knees. Most of the time Star's bangs overlap her eyes and eyebrows, possibly due to how large her eyes are drawn.

Her cheeks normally have posh pearl pink hearts on them. The heart marks on her cheeks sometimes change into other things to reflect her emotions, such as hourglasses when she is bored,[25] grey skulls when she is pumped for battle[30] white skulls when she is depressed,[31] or light bulbs when she has an idea.[31] Considering that her mother's cheeks have purple diamond-shaped marks and other queens of Mewni have borne similar marks, it is very possible that this is a genetic trait.

When going through mewberty, purple hearts appear on Star's skin (including her forehead and ears) although she is able to peel them off. Eventually, she turns completely purple and acquires an insect-like appearance. Her hair turns pale lavender and is twisted into two buns. Her eyes are replaced with glowing hearts, and she gains four extra arms and large butterfly-like wings. At the end of her mewberty phase, she reverts back to normal but with a smaller pair of wings.


For a comprehensive list of Star's outfits, see List of Star's outfits.

Star's wardrobe consists of every color of the rainbow. She usually wears a red hairband with devil horns and lets her hair down, but she sometimes uses her magic wand to change into other hairstyles like pigtails or ponytails (and on one occasion, to change her hairband into other kinds of headgear).

While Star has many different outfits, she mainly wears four recurring outfits:

  • A sea green dress with a white collar, white lace on the sleeves and skirt and a cute pink octopus on the front. She also wears pink and orange stockings, dark magenta boots with a rhino design, and a little yellow star-shaped side bag with a face.
  • A teal sleeveless dress with four colorful stripes on the chest, white lace on the bottom, and a white bear face on the left side towards the bottom. She also wears light sea green and bluish green-striped stockings, pink boots with white bunny faces and dark pink bottoms, and a silver bracelet with spikes.
  • A sky blue sleeveless short dress with a tied string at the neckline. Around the waist, the dress has a peach-colored line and a red line that is slanted towards the right. She also wears a little gray cloud-shaped bag with a face, striped blue stockings that are dark blue at the top and become lighter with each lower stripe, light blue sneakers with white tips, and fuzzy light blue legwarmers.
  • A dark green-blue dress with a lighter turquoise trim, with pink striped pants, a spider necklace, white boots with yellow stars on the heels and hot pink bottoms, with pale pink tips.


Marco Diaz

S1e1 marco and star hug

Star and Marco hug.

When they first meet, Star sees Marco as a true friend right away, and after he comes to accept her and her presence in his life, she admits that he is her best friend on Earth. Star, valuing and cherishing their friendship, loves hanging out with Marco and battling monsters with him. His more responsible outlook helps to keep them from getting into too much trouble, and she encourages him to be less cautious and more confident. When she upsets him, she tries her best to make him feel better, though sometimes it makes things worse. She listens to him whenever he tells her something concerning, like when Pony Head threatened him.

Star appreciates Marco's help, advice, and kindness whenever she needs it, and she always finds ways to help him out when she sees she can. However, she has been shown to be resentful whenever Marco thinks she can't handle something on her own, and has on several occasions clashed with Marco over the differences between her adventurous personality and his cautious tendencies up to the point where she questions their friendship. Nonetheless, their friendship remains unbreakable, as demonstrated in "Gift of the Card" when they are prepared to die in each other's arms.

In "Blood Moon Ball", Star and Marco briefly dance together under the light of the Blood Moon, which according to legend binds their souls together for eternity.

In "Sleepover", Star's feelings for Marco are implied to be something more than friendship, as when she yells out his name in frustration, the "Truth or Punishments" cube remarks "Truth. Star Butterfly has a crush on..." before being, ironically, crushed.

In "Naysaya", she is extremely happy that Marco finally managed to ask Jackie out and continues to do so when Jackie does the same in "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", but after seeing them together, she becomes dismayed. During a dead clown séance with Janna, she is constantly distracted by thoughts of Marco and Jackie's date. She tries to call Marco repeatedly and even resorts to using a dark magic spell to spy on him and Jackie. When Star sees Marco and Jackie together, her jealousy causes her spells to go out of control. She is further shown to be jealous of Marco and Jackie's relationship in "Just Friends".

In "Running with Scissors", Star is briefly enamored with Marco's adult physique, barely being able to speak.

In "Face the Music", Ruberiot's song for Star's Song Day reveals that Star harbors a secret crush on Marco. This creates a strain in their friendship, upon which they start avoiding one another. In "Starcrushed", Star struggles with her growing feelings for Marco, and with the threat of Toffee looming closer, she confesses that she indeed has a crush on him before leaving Earth.

Pony Head

S1e2 star and pony head reunite

Star and Pony Head reunite.

Star and her other best friend Flying Princess Pony Head love having fun and doing crazy things. They have known each other since they were children, and Star considers her her "best friend on Mewni". Star knows Pony Head is possessive of their friendship, but she does not realize to what extent she is until Pony Head ditches Marco in the Amethyst Arcade and lies about it to Star. Star forgives Pony Head after she saves Marco while being doomed to go to St. Olga's. In "St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses", Star shows that she cares enough for Pony Head to break her out of St. O's, the place she fears most, for her best friend's birthday, even when she seemed too broken by the school's harsh teaching. In "Pizza Thing" Star invites Pony Head to "Friendship Thursday", a regular event that she enjoys with Marco, and wanted Pony Head to be a part of too.


S1e1 star and ludo stare

Star defeats Ludo.

Star and Ludo are bitter enemies, apparently knowing of each other before the events of "Star Comes to Earth". Ludo is always trying to steal Star's wand away from her, and Star is always fighting with him and his army because of it. While disliking Ludo, Star does not see him as a huge threat that she can not defeat. She finds a lot of his plans ridiculous, and she does not appreciate it whenever Ludo and his army are making trouble or ruining things for her.

King Butterfly and Queen Butterfly

S1e1 this wand is a big responsibility

Star with her parents.

Though Star loves her parents, she struggles being under their watchful eyes. But she seems to like King Butterfly's less scolding personality, being grateful for not being sent to St. Olga's right after she fails to handle the wand. Though Star often believes that her parents are boring, discovering that her father also likes fighting monsters in "Diaz Family Vacation" causes her to realize her dad is cooler than she originally thought. Her dad finds out about her going to dimensions outside of Earth, while she learns he lied about his lectures, so for one time, King Butterfly promises not to tell, and the two embrace over it. Star and her father share a reckless and playful personality (as shown in "Royal Pain" and "Camping Trip"), as well as a need to fight monsters. Star has a harder time getting along with her mother. Not fond of her mother's strict rules and traditional sensibilities, Star liked being sent to Earth, which allowed her to get some space from her. In her journal, she included an entry that stated "Mom's a poophead", further showing how much she doesn't like her mom's restrictions. At the same time, Star fully knows the danger of her mom finding out that she is being too reckless with the wand or exploring other dimensions without permission, which would lead her to be sent to St. Olga's. Regardless, the two love each other immensely. By season two, Star and Queen Butterfly's relationship is much stronger; Star is more comfortable approaching her mother with personal problems, such as in "Mr. Candle Cares", and Queen Butterfly is more appreciative of what makes her daughter special, as shown in "Game of Flags". Star has also shown herself to be more willing to stand up to her mother, initially refusing to return to Mewni with her in "Starcrushed" until Queen Butterfly informs her of Toffee's return.

Tom Lucitor

S1E15 Star tells Tom to leave

Star rejecting Tom.

Tom is Star's ex-boyfriend. He still has feelings for her, but Star clearly does not feel the same way and she often pushes him away. However, she was willing to at least give him a chance to prove that he had changed and dealt with his anger issues in "Blood Moon Ball". When it became clear that he had not, she responded by freezing him when he tried to attack Marco. In "Mr. Candle Cares", when Tom uses Mr. Candle to tell Star that all she is good for is being queen, he later realizes that he cannot win Star's affections, and apologized for trying to manipulate her. Although Star is on better terms with him after this, she still balks at the idea of spending time with him, as seen in "Friendenemies".

Oskar Greason

S1E7 Star continues talking with Oskar

Star talking to Oskar for the first time.

Star develops a crush on Oskar in "Cheer Up, Star." She is highly impressed that he has "a record", and she fantasizes about being with him, much to Marco's annoyance when he is having a flashback. She gets upset when he doesn't call her, but she is happy again when he eventually does.

In "Mewberty", Oskar is the focus of Star's new found attention on boys. After her transformation into a purple butterfly-like humanoid, she kidnaps both Oskar and his car and lifts him up to the sky. Unexpectedly, she then drops Oskar and his car back to Earth, before returning to her normal state.

In "Star on Wheels", Oskar helps Marco save Star from a runaway bike ride. In the end, Star apologizes to Oskar about his broken car and offers him a ride home on Marco's bike. In "Girls' Day Out", Star is unable to even speak with Oskar without becoming incoherently lovestruck.

In "Starcrushed", they both attend a party on the roof of the Stop & Slurp. While there, they share a conversation, and connect in a small manner. Star's revelation of her crush on Marco is a possible indication that she is no longer interested in Oskar.

Alfonzo and Ferguson

S1E5 Ferguson sips from cup of water

Star dozing next to Alfonzo and Ferguson due to exhaustion.

Since Star is friends with Marco, she has also befriended his other two friends Alfonzo and Ferguson. In "Monster Arm", they help wake her up so she could change Marco's mutated arm back to normal. In "Pixtopia", they accompany her and Marco to the pixie dimension, where she ends up having to save the two of them. Star seems to have drifted apart from them after the first season. In "Collateral Damage", she admits that she hasn't spoken to them "all year".


S1E10 Star and StarFan13 high-five

Star high-fiving her fan.

As her name suggests, StarFan13 is a huge fan of Star Butterfly, as she gets excited whenever she sees her idol. In return, Star is friendly towards her, even wallpapering her locker with pictures of StarFan13, and inviting her to take part in the Mewnipendance Day Reenactment, making her one of the "heroic" Mewmans battling against the "evil" monsters. In "Sleepover", Star invites her to her first slumber party.

Brittney Wong

S1E4 Star talking with Brittney Wong

Brittney being annoyed by Star.

For the most part, Star is oblivious to the extreme dislike Brittney holds for her. She often acts as if Brittney is her friend (even trying to do fun things for her at her birthday party), but she is always rebuffed. Despite this, there are occasions when Star is actually put off by Brittney's poor behavior, like when Brittney hair-whips a laser puppy Star had conjured for her birthday gift; she declares the act "not cool". In "Collateral Damage", Star declares that Brittney is judgmental and mean but suggests that she acts as such in order to make her fellow students keep being better than possums.

Janna Ordonia

S2E16 Star Butterfly and Janna smiling

Star and Janna hanging out.

Star and Janna are friendly towards each other at first (enough for Star to invite Janna to her Mewnipendance Day re-enactment, and have her play a Mewman), but they develop a stronger bond in "Girls' Day Out" after Janna proclaims her "mayor of detention". The two have hung out together regularly since.

Jackie Lynn Thomas

S2E39 Jackie answers Star's trivia question

Star and Jackie.

Star and Jackie are friendly with each other, but Star is initially more interested with trying to get her and Marco together. Several episodes show them getting along, such as "Sleepover" and "Just Friends", but in "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", she gets so distracted by thoughts of Marco and Jackie's date that she spies on them, and her jealousy unintentionally causes their skateboard ride to crash.

In Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, Star seems to speak a little passive-aggressively about and toward Jackie. In Jackie's bio, Star describes her as "pretty rad" and "supercool",[32] but she acts uncomfortable during Jackie's interview about her feelings for Marco, and she awkwardly ends the interview afterward.[33]


S2E1 Star Butterfly greets Glossaryck

Star and Glossaryck.

As Glossaryck is her magic instructor (and a long-time advisor to the Butterfly family), Star is on generally good terms with him, though his teachings often go over her head, and she can even become frustrated with his methods. She does care about him though, assuring him that he is her friend in "By the Book", and becoming distraught when Ludo kidnaps him in "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown". In "Raid the Cave", Star tries to rescue him, but he refuses to go with her, which she harbors some resentment over in "Crystal Clear".

Powers and abilities

  • Magic wand: Star wields the Butterfly family's royal magic wand which grants her multiple magical powers, though she does not fully understand them yet. She can create many different creations or change anything she wants with the wand just by saying spells and pointing it. Star can also transform her wand into other things, like a mace[30] or umbrella.[34]
  • Hand-to-hand/armed combat: Star also knows how to fight without the wand, either fighting unarmed or using a weapon. As a toddler, she was taught how to break a neck with her bare hands[30] and how to fight with a sword[35] by the Mewni royal guard.
  • Innate magic: In "My New Wand!", Star learns to access the innate magic within her own body.
  • Temporary flight: In "Mewberty", Star grows a pair of small wings and can use them to fly temporarily. She is shown using these wings to cross over a sinkhole in "Star on Wheels".
  • Creativity: Star has also demonstrated a talent for paper cutting,[25] painting,[36] and drawing. She also makes up her own spells using her imagination.

Names in other languages

Language Name Translation
Cantonese 星星蝴蝶
Xīngxīng Húdié
Star Butterfly
Mandarin Chinese 星蝶
Xīng Dié
Star Butterfly
Czech Star Hvězduše Motýlova Star Hvězduše Butterfly
Dutch Star Vlinder Star Butterfly
Hungarian Pillangó Csillag Star Butterfly*
Japanese スターバタフライ
Sutā Batafurai
Star Butterfly
Korean 스타 버터플라이
Seuta Beoteopeulai
Star Butterfly
Norwegian Sarah Sommerfugl* Sarah Butterfly
Brazilian Portuguese Star Borboleta Star Butterfly
Russian Звёздочка Баттерфляй
Zvyozdochka Butterflyay
Little Star Butterfly
Romanian Stea Fluture Star Butterfly
Swedish Ester Fjäril*** Ester Butterfly
Taiwanese 星星蝶舞
Xīngxīng Dié Wǔ
Star Butterfly Dance

*using Hungarian name order as "Butterfly Star"

**Was referred to as Star Princess in Flash games and other media.

***Addressed as this in character dialogue but called Star in the series title and synopses.


S1E3 Star comes up with an idea
Click here to view the gallery.


  • In earlier conceptual versions of the series, Star was a grade schooler who did not have magic powers but believed she did. After someone suggested that she make Star older and have real magic powers, Daron Nefcy changed her into a princess from a different dimension.[37]
  • In an early concept of Star, she had a pet cat named Cashew.[38]
  • According to series creator Daron Nefcy, Star's favorite color is yellow.[39] This is supported by the episode "Sleepover", although Star later states that her favorite color is constantly changing.
  • In earlier conceptual versions of the show Star and Marco were enemies instead of friends, and Marco was named "Sol".[40]
  • Star herself has confirmed in "Mewnipendance Day" that she and the other people from Mewni are not humans. Rather, they are a humanoid species called "Mewmans".
  • In "Ludo in the Wild", Star is shown jumping extremely high. However, this could be because she is on Mewni, she is a Mewman, or she is merely a hallucination of Ludo's.
  • Star Butterfly's character was influenced by many anime heroines that Daron Nefcy admired, such as the female leads of Sailor Moon, Magic Knight Rayearth, and Revolutionary Girl Utena.[41]
  • Star is similar to:
  • In the Korean dub, Star yells out, "Shabang Shabang!" before casting a spell.
  • Star's birthday is on Stump Day.[42]


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