"Star and the Forces of Evil" is the unaired unofficial pilot of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

While never released, a few shots of it were captured from a Mercury Filmworks animation reel video.


  • The pilot has the in-production name that the show had until it was changed to Star vs. the Forces of Evil.
  • The art style and designs, while very similar, has some differences from the final show.
    • The eyes are different, being more circular and having larger pupils.
    • Star's wand has a different design, like being pink and having a big heart instead of a star.
    • Star wears kitty ears instead of devil horns at one point.
    • Star's cheek hearts are outlined.
    • When wearing his karate uniform, Marco has a black belt and wears a green belt as a headband.
    • Marco wears blue jeans instead of dark-gray pants.
    • Marco's hoodie is dark red instead of light red.
    • Star's dress has longer sleeves and at one point she is shown wearing a green dress.


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