"Star on Wheels" is the fifth episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on July 25, 2016 alongside "Fetch".[1]


When Marco teaches Star how to ride a bike but forgets to tell her about brakes, he teams up with Oskar and Glossaryck to save her.[2]


Tired of giving Star rides on his bicycle, Marco decides to teach her how to ride a bike herself. Star is excited about this at first, but as soon as she gets on the seat, she is afraid of falling over. After assuring Star that he won't let go of the seat, he teaches her how to coast. Once she starts riding, she instantly gets the hang of it—until Marco reveals that he already let go of the seat. Upset over Marco "lying" to her, Star begins riding frantically, and because Marco never taught her how to use the brake, she rides uncontrollably across town.

Marco races home and calls Star on her interdimensional mirror, and he learns that Star left her magic wand in her backpack. Taking Star's backpack, Marco enlists the help of Oskar Greason (whose car is parked in the Diaz family's driveway) to rescue Star. Glossaryck appears from out of one of Oskar's textbooks, but he claims to be unable to help because "this isn't a magic problem". Oskar and Glossaryck continue to be unhelpful as they bond over meatball subs and playing music, much to Marco's frustration.

As she rides uncontrollably through town, Star attracts the attention of several stray dogs, goes flying over a sinkhole, and pedals straight into highway traffic. Marco, Oskar, and Glossaryck eventually catch up with her, but Star refuses to listen to Marco because he lied to her earlier. Soon enough, Marco, Oskar, and Glossaryck come to a standstill due to the poor condition of Oskar's car. With Glossaryck's help, Marco hitches a ride on an invisible goat to save the runaway Star.

Marco catches up with Star again to help her stop, but Star argues his method of stopping is not how they do things on Mewni. Marco tells her she isn't on Mewni anymore, and reassures her that he believes in her. Thanks to Marco, Star is finally able to stop the bike, and the two hug each other. Oskar and Glossaryck catch up as well, considering forming a band, and Star offers to give Oskar a bike ride home since his car broke down. Marco tries hitching a ride on the invisible goat again, but he falls flat on his face, with Glossaryck claiming that the goat left.


Major characters

Minor characters

  • Gene

Production notes



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S2E5 Star on the mirror
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  • Although Star could stop the bike by pedaling in reverse, it also appears to have handbrakes.

Revelations and continuity


  • In the Southeast Asia broadcast, two scenes are cut from the episode: the scene in which Marco and Star ride Marco's bicycle down a flight of stairs, and the scene in which Marco falls to the ground while trying to ride the invisible goat again.


  • Star knew how bikes worked in "The Banagic Incident", but in this episode, she doesn't or at least had no idea how to ride one.


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