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"Storm the Castle" is the twenty-fourth and final episode of the first season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on September 21, 2015.[1]


When Marco is captured by Toffee and held for wand-ransom, Star enters into an unlikely alliance with Ludo and Buff Frog.[2]


The episode begins with Star and Marco on another adventure, where Star attempts to retrieve a sandwich from within a sleeping monster's innards, despite Marco's misgivings. After she successfully gets the sandwich, the monster awakens. The two barely manage to escape, though they end up entangled in vines. Marco pleads with Star to focus, but Star is busy trying to retrieve the sandwich, forcing Marco to grab her dimensional scissors himself and pull the both of them back to Earth. Unfortunately, the sandwich is damaged in the escape, for which Star is annoyed with Marco. Marco is likewise annoyed that Star's recklessness nearly got both of them killed. Star angrily remarks that sometimes, she wonders why the two of them are even friends. The two separately return to their rooms to sulk, with Star soon falling asleep.

By the time Star wakes up, night has fallen. Remembering their friendship, Star tries to apologize to Marco but finds him missing; his parents have no idea where he is either. Star tries to call Marco, only to hear his phone's ring tone from upstairs. Entering Marco's room, she sees what she thinks is Marco, but is quickly revealed to be Boo Fly wearing Marco's hoodie. Boo Fly gives her a message: she is to bring her wand to Ludo's castle, alone, if she ever wants to see Marco again. Despite Rafael and Angie's attempt to call the police (who prove unhelpful) and personal offers to help, Star insists on rescuing Marco alone, believing it's her fault he was captured.

Meanwhile, Buff Frog has resigned himself to his solitary life when Ludo comes along with a large lumpy sack, begging for his help. Star passes by and knocks them down before opening Ludo's sack, revealing it to contain tadpoles that Ludo intended to bribe Buff Frog with. Ludo and Buff Frog frantically claim that they're not involved with Marco's kidnapping, but Toffee is. Star has no idea who Toffee is, but proceeds to Ludo's castle anyway, followed first by Ludo (who plans to use her to get rid of Toffee, while also looking for an opportunity to take her wand) and then by Buff Frog (who wants to raise his tadpoles in the castle).

At Ludo's castle, Marco has been imprisoned in a large translucent box. Although Toffee does not mistreat Marco, he firmly prevents Marco's attempts to escape even after unlocking his shackles. Star bursts onto the scene despite Ludo and Buff Frog's attempts at advice, fighting off the monsters while trying to break Marco out, only to find that the box is impervious to her magic. She finally summons a massive blast of magic which shatters the box, but the box simply regenerates before Star can pull Marco free, which he states is twice as powerful and can't be destroyed by Star's magic. The monsters grab Star, Buff Frog and Ludo, the latter getting swallowed by Big Chicken. Toffee causes the box to begin crushing Marco unless Star complies with his demands.

Left without options, Star offers her wand to Toffee, but the villain explains that he doesn't want the wand for himself; he wants the wand destroyed, which can be done if Star recites a specific spell - namely, the Whispering Spell, the first spell her mother taught her. Despite Marco's pleas, Star recites the incantation, and the wand appears to shrivel and break. A unicorn spirit emerges from the wand, indicating its death as Star quietly sheds tears followed by the unicorn spirit whispering something in Star's ear. Per the agreement, Toffee opens the box imprisoning Marco, only for Star to run into the box and close it up. As the monsters watch, the wand begins releasing massive power and explodes in a tremendous release of energy. The monsters flee, and Ludo's castle is destroyed, though Star and Marco are shielded by the box.

By the time Star and Marco exit the box, the castle has been completely obliterated (with the exception of Toffee's jacket and coat rack). Ludo, hatched out of an egg Big Chicken laid, is furious that both his castle and the wand are now gone, and swears revenge - prompting Star to silently throw him away with his own dimensional scissors. The two sadly look down at the crater where the wand exploded and share a hug. At that moment, a new unicorn appears to inhabit the destroyed wand's remains, restoring it in the center of a large crystal formation. Just then, the army of Mewni shows up, having been summoned by Rafael and Angie who called Star's parents via her mirror.

Back at Star's home, Star apologizes to both Marco and her parents for letting them worry. Queen Butterfly hugs Star, admitting that while she's still angry at Star, she's glad that her daughter is safe, and permits her to go after the Diazes as they chase after Angie on one of the horses. Noticing that the wand's faceplate is damaged, the Butterflies call Glossaryck back on Earth. Glossaryck comments on the wand, suggesting that it can be fixed - but only if none of its pieces were left behind. At this, Queen and King Butterfly exchange nervous looks; as the other half of the wand's faceplate is still in the monsters' realm.


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S1E24 Star Butterfly approaches the castle
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  • This is the second half-hour long episode in the series, after "St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses".
  • A running gag of the episode is Boo Fly trying to put pillows on Toffee's chair, against his will.
  • After Star sees Marco's Jacket levitate, she drops the phone. The phone cord is very stretched, so when the phone is dropped it flies away, hitting something. Later in the episode, Marco's dad says that the telephone "punched him in the face".

Revelations and continuity

  • When Star asks Marco if he wants to reach in to get a sandwich, before he says no, an image of Monster Arm flashes on the screen, referencing the episode "Monster Arm".
  • Before the episode, and after he is evicted from the castle in "Mewnipendance Day", Buff Frog lived outside Ludo's castle walls, with nothing more than a door.
  • Buff Frog's real name is revealed to be Yvgeny Bulgolyubov.
  • When enraged, Star can enter a more powerful state. An attack in this state was the only thing capable of destroying Marco's cage.
  • Toffee can regenerate full limbs in a matter of seconds, as seen when he grows his arm back.
    • Even though he can do this, Toffee is permanently seen with a cut off finger.
    • In real life, salamanders can regrow missing body parts, like arms or legs, but the process can take up to a year.
  • The first spell Star's mother taught her was the "Whispering Spell", which destroys the royal magic wand when cast.
  • King Butterfly's first name is revealed to be River.


  • When Glossaryck points to the wand and says, "What happened there?" the queen's glove is missing.


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