Episode begins at the Diaz Household. Star is reading magazines in the bathtub.
Star Butterfly [while flipping the pages] No... No... Nope... Reading in the tub is not... a sure-fire fun way to spice up a dull day. Hmm... Today might be the day I face my biggest fear: Boredom... Maybe today is the day I renounce my vow to never have a dull day!
Star picks up her wand.
Star Today, I will look boredom in its eyes, those beady little black eyes, like tiny little black fists, I'll look into those eyes and I will say... Oh wait, never mind, what's this?
Star looks at a magazine.
Star Oh! "The Banagic Wand, Earth's coolest magical treat." [gasps] Earth magic! I swear to baby dolphin giggles, I will find the Banagic Wand before this day is done... or die trying. Or my name's not Star Butterfly! As me as my witness, I'll never go bored again! And anything else I'm supposed to say to make this official! Whoo-hoo!
Star runs away from the bathtub and then goes back to the bathtub
Star I don't know where I'm going. Hmmm...
Star looks at the Banagic Wand page.
Star Ah, "As featured on TV." But I saw it in this magazine. Hmm. Aha! A riddle [Laughs]. But I'm terrible at riddles. Need Marco.
Marco inhales deeply as he is about to chop a plank of wood. Star suddenly replaces the plank of wood with herself.
Star Marco!
Marco Diaz Ah!
Star Earth Magic. Look.
Marco That thing from TV?
Star [gasps] You've seen it?
Marco Yeah, it's one of those late night commercials.
Star So it does exist. To the TV!
Marco I can't. I've gotta get to my karate class.
Star pulls Marco to the TV and then turns the TV on.
TV Doctor Your new kidney came from a werwolf.
Star Glitter Grenade Rewind.
The TV rewinds. It then shows two kids on-screen.
Kid #1 It's so hot.
Kid #2 And I'm so bored.
Star and Marco observe the commercial.
Star What are they gonna do?
Announcer The Banagic Wand! It's a little bit of banana, and a little lot of magic.
Designed by leading freeze-ologists, the banagic wand uses state-of-the-art molecular ice-stronomy to frostulate your sizzle zones and CHILL YOU OUT!!!
Kid #2 Mmm.
Kid #1 I'm totally chilled out.
Kid #2 There's enough banagic fun "For all my friends to enjoy".
All the kids scream happily.
Star Friendship magic.
Announcer Available at better stores near you.
Star Better stores?
Announcer Supplies are limited! Get yours now!
Star [Gasps] Supplies are limited. Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go!
Star puts a bike helmet on Marco and throws him out the door.
Marco I can't. I have karate. Today we're learning how to channel our emotions.
Star [Excited] To a better store near us!
Marco Did you hear anything I just said?
Star [Humming] 🎵A little bit of banana, a little lot of magic🎵
Marco Star, I can't go now. And I'm not sure you have a firm enough grasp on Earth culture to go on your own.
Star goes to the mailman.
Star Hey, get out of our yard box, you scoundrel! Hide your dragon eggs somewhere else. Okay, I'm ready. Let's go.


Star Marco, we're not moving. You push these little thingies with your feet. Honestly, Marco, sometimes I wonder if you have a firm grasp on this Earth stuff.
Marco paddles the bike slowly.
Star Oh, too slow. Bunny Rocket Blast!
The spell propels the bike and its occupants to the plaza were the Karate Dojo is. Star kicks Dojo's door open and sees all the Karate stuff inside.'
Star Karate class? Marco, we don't have time for detours. The commercial said we have to hurry while supplies last. Focus on the quest.
Marco This is where I'm going. Karate. I am not going with you.
Star Dear, sweet Marco. I commend him for making it this far on the journey, and vow to complete the quest in his honor. Good-bye, sweet Marco.
Star cartwheels out of Karate class and into the Record store. She then looks around, noticing the cashier and quickly hiding. She peeked on a beardy, fanged cashier.
Star The store is guarded by a werewolf.
Star goes to the cashier.
Star I wish you no harm, werewolf. All I seek is the Banagic Wand. Is this a better store?
Cashier Uh, better than what?
Star [groans] [frustrated] More riddles. I wish Marco was still with us.
Sensei Brantley You must learn to channel what is deep inside you. [points at Marco] Diaz, name an emotion!
Marco Uhh, hunger!
Sensei Channel your hunger Diaz! Channel your emotions to brave the Gauntlet of Fire!
Marco Wait, we're gonna walk on those?
Jeremy laughs maliciously. In the meantime, Star walks out the store while a couple of pedestrians pass by.
Male pedestrian That one's okay, but there's a better store down on Main and Riverside.
Star A better store near me.
Star intercepts the pedestrians.
Star There's a better store on Main and Riverside?
Male pedestrian Uhh, yeah?
Star Woo-hoo!
Star runs away happily, but comes back to ask directions.
Star Which way is Main and Riverside?
The pedestrian gives Star the right way and she runs away in the indicated direction. The scene cuts to the Dojo, where the coal walking mayhem continues.'
Sensei Diaz, approach.
Marco tries to do the walk, but quickly burns his feet.
Jeremy Classic Marco, Grieving in agony.
Marco [groans]
Back to Star, she is trying to figure out where is the store.
Star OK... I'm on Main Street. Now, where is riverside?
Walks down the street and finds a river.
Star Ah, a river and its side!, I found it!, like I knew I would.
She high fives a cyclist on a tall bike. Later, she enters in a store, "The Salty Barnacle Club", a pirate themed restaurant.
Pirate Worker [pirate voice] Ahoy, Matey
Star looks at the place, distrustful at what she thinks is a real pirate organization.
Star Pirates...
Pirate Worker That's what we are! Now come with me to Davey Jones Fish Locker.
Star follows the worker, thinking that she is really being kidnapped
Star Okay Pirate... I am at your mercy for I am but your helpless prisoner.
Star approaches a dinning couple
Star Not true, I'm a powerful princess from another dimension, and I'm gonna get us all out of here. Freedom is Nigh!
Pirate Worker Arrgh, Maam?
Star keeps following the "pirate", who gets her a seat and a table. Two workers approach her, and she quickly dispatches them.'
Star Surrender, pirates!
She starts attacking the "pirates".
Star Surrender bloodthirsty savages!
Barmaid Enough!
Star Do you surrender, pirate?
Barmaid We aren't pirates. This is a Pirate-Themed restaurant.
Star realizes her error.
Star Do you know where I can find a better store?
The remaining workers chase Star angrily out of the place and down the streets, where she spots a "Better Store".
Star A Better Store...
While the angry mob keeps chasing her, Star jumps at a lady's supermarket cart, which she proceeds to ride to the promised place, almost being run over by a bus
Brittney Wong Miranda I swear, if you wear fuzzy boots at my party, I will break your feet off!
Star's cart falls right in front of Brittney.
Brittney What the...?
Star Oh Brittney, you gotta help me! There's an angry mob after me! Could you just throw them off my trail and tell them I went that way? Thanks, bye.
Star enters the store. The angry mob approaches Brittney
Brittney She went in there.
Back to the Dojo, where Marco is trying to do the walk
Jeremy [while recording the scene] Here we have Marco Diaz approaching the goblet of fire, it's been a tough 14 years for Diaz: No girlfriend, can't seem to get past green belt, that history of failure must be suffocating him right now...
Marco Jeremy get out of here, I'm trying to channel my emotions!
Jeremy takes a picture of the angry Marco. Marco goes back to the goblet and tries to channel his emotions.'
Jeremy Fail, fail, fail...
Marco tries to catch Jeremy and chases him trough all the dojo, he finally succeeds after a trophy falls on Jeremy's head.
Marco You little twerp!
Sensei Diaz, wait, you did it!
Marco realizes that he managed to control his emotions through anger, as he is stepping in the coals.
Marco [laughs] I did it. I understand now sensei.
Sensei Diaz.
Marco This was all a part...
Sensei Diaz.
...of your plan, you had Jeremy act to me like this to give a—
Sensei Diaz! Foot fire buddy!


[screams loudly]
Back to Star's quest, she is looking shocked at a pile of boxes containing the mighty "Banagic Wand", while she is doing that a random shopper joins her amazement.
Random Shopper They're magnificent aren't they?
Star takes a box of Banagic Wand.
Barmaid You! It's time to pay for what you've done!
Random Shopper Are they talking to you?
Star Mm-hmm.
The random shopper walks away from the scene slowly. The angry workers corner Star to the aforementioned "Banagic Wand" boxes pile.'
Barmaid Wreck my store?! I'll show you!
Star aims the wand at the people.
Star Ok guys, you need to chill out... The Banagic Wand [humming] 🎵A little bit of banana, a little lot of magic🎵. Designed by leading freeze-ologists, the Banagic Wand uses state-of-the-art molecular ice-stronomy to frostulate your sizzle zones and CHILL YOU OUT!!!
Back to the Diaz household. Marco just enters through the front door.
Marco Star, I'm back! Still wanna go...?
Marco gets surprised at the scene of his living room, where Star is enjoying a cup of Banagic ice cream with all the "pirates".
Star Hey, Marco. I conquered my boredom!
The people laugh along with Star.
Marco Hey.
Star Here. [hands over a cup of Banagic Ice Cream to Marco] I went downtown by myself.
Marco I know, I was there...
Star It was way easy... I guess you can say I've totally mastered Earth.
Marco Sorry, I underestimated you.
Star [surprised] You underestimated me?
Marco Ehmmm, yeah, I did. Sorry. This stuff looks delicious though.
Star pushes Marco's Banagic bowl out of his hands, making him drop it.
Marco Why did you—
Star There was a fly on it. [Walks away]

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