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Remember: I'm not the only one with horns.

Tom Lucitor[5] is the demon prince of the Underworld and Star Butterfly's ex-boyfriend.[4] Originally introduced as an antagonistic character to Marco Diaz, he has since become a recurring character and one of Marco's friends.


Tom has salmon-colored hair (which sticks up on the top of his head), very pale lilac skin, three red eyes (one in the middle of his forehead), black vertical lines under and around his eyes, two pale-orange white-tipped horns on the sides of his head, sharp teeth, pointy ears and nose, and a purple tongue. His usual attire consists of a red tattered T-shirt with a star in a maroon circle in the center, long dark-red wristbands, maroon ragged shorts, a dark gray studded belt, orange boots with brown tips, a hoop earring on his right ear, and two studs in his left ear.

While asking Star out in "Blood Moon Ball", he wears a simple black jacket with black pants and shoes, a large black belt with an army green buckle, a white button-up shirt with a protruding collar, a loosely worn black tie, and special "three-lens" sunglasses.

Later in the same episode, he wears a white tailcoat with gold buttons, white pants and black boots, a dark red vest with gold buttons, a white shirt, a salmon pink ascot, and a red bow tie.

He is considered to be very attractive, as several girls in Echo Creek Academy stare at and whisper about him when he passes by.


Tom is considerably short-tempered, quick to lose said temper at the slightest provocation. When he is angry, Tom's eyes glow bright red, and he sometimes speaks in a low-pitched demonic voice. Since hiring his life coach Brian, however, Tom is shown to be much more in control of his anger, as evidenced by his 53-day anger-free streak. He has a very controlling personality, wanting things to go exactly the way he wants them; anything that deviates from his plans can set off his temper, even small things like Star not wanting to wear a spider on her head.

When not enraged, Tom can be rather easygoing, as he understands that Star might not want to go to the ball in "Blood Moon Ball" and is later willing to listen to Marco in "Mr. Candle Cares". In addition, he makes a genuine effort to overcome his anger issues in "Friendenemies", and he can be generous and compromising, as demonstrated when he resurrects Mackie Hand from the dead for Marco.


Star Butterfly

Tom is Star's ex-boyfriend, as she broke up with him.[6] He is very persistent in going out with her again, though she is mostly against the idea. In "Mr. Candle Cares", however, he slowly comes to terms with the fact that they may never get back together.

Marco Diaz

When Tom first meets Marco, he greets him cordially, in spite of losing his hand due to Marco karate-chopping it off. However, after Star and Marco dance together at the Blood Moon Ball, costing Tom the chance to have his soul bound with hers, Tom becomes utterly enraged at Marco, attempting to attack him before Star intervenes. He hated Marco after and saw him as a rival for Star's attention; jealous of how close they are. By the end of "Mr. Candle Cares", the two are on slightly friendlier terms, having bonded over a mutual admiration for Star's free-spirited nature. In "Friendenemies", the two bond further over a shared love for the band Love Sentence and the martial arts movie star Mackie Hand, though they end the episode by stating they still do not like each other. Despite this, they have hung out semi-regularly since then, as Tom says in "Naysaya".


Brian is Tom's life coach. He helps him control his anger and get over his breakup with Star. Tom usually listens to his advice, but after losing his chance to have his soul bound to Star's, he pushes Brian away when he tries to calm him down. However, he is still seen helping Tom with his anger issues in "Friendenemies", disguising himself as a white tiger in order to observe Tom's interactions with Marco.

Mr. Candle

Mr. Candle is Tom's minion/employee. He initially poses as a guidance counselor at Echo Creek Academy to spy on Marco and Star for him. Tom can be impatient and demanding with him.

Powers and abilities

  • Pyrokinesis: Tom is able to produce and control fire. In the series' theme song, he offers Star a burning rose, and in "Blood Moon Ball", he creates fire with his hands and footsteps.
  • Body-part restoration: Tom can still control his limbs after they have been severed and even reattach them.
  • 360-degree neck rotation: Tom has the ability to rotate his neck 360-degrees.
  • Telekinesis: In "Mr. Candle Cares", Tom demonstrates telekinesis, able to undo Marco's chains without touching them and levitate ping pong balls.
  • Levitation: In "Mr. Candle Cares", Tom can make himself float in the air unassisted.
  • Necromancy: In "Friendenemies", Tom displays the ability to resurrect the dead, reviving the martial arts movie star Mackie Hand.
  • Curse infliction: In "Naysaya", Tom reveals that he placed a Naysaya demon curse on Marco.


Season 1

Season 2


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  • As seen in a storyboard test, Tom originally had a different design, including a different hairstyle and horns.[4]
    • Also, Tom was even more short-tempered and prone to angry, childish tantrums. He is also petty and disproportionately vengeful, threatening to unleash hordes of demons and monsters upon the Earth just because Star refuses to go with him to Demon Prom.
  • His name is likely a reference to "The Devil and Tom Walker", Washington Irving's adaptation of the story of Faust.
  • Tom inherited his anger issues from his father.[2]
  • According to Daron Nefcy on her Twitter, Tom uses a ton of hairspray to get his hairstyle.[7]
  • Tom's last name is revealed to be Lucitor in the book Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension.
    • This is likely a reference to Lucifer, the fallen angel in Christianity commonly associated with Satan/the devil.
    • The same book also revealed that Tom put another curse on Marco, one that would inform him whenever he spoke Star's name. But since Marco says Star's name all the time, the curse was functionally useless, so Tom had it outsourced to a minion of his, with instructions to inform him if Marco ever used Star's name in a romantic setting.


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