Too little, too late! Which is my second favorite Love Sentence song, by the way!
―Marco Diaz[src]

"Too Little Too Late" is a song in "Friendenemies" by the boy band Love Sentence.[3] It is sung by Marco and Tom when they go their separate ways, and it is Marco's second favorite song by the band. It is also performed by the band themselves at the end of "Just Friends".[2] A karaoke version of the song was released by composer Brian H. Kim on October 5, 2016 after getting 1,000 followers on Twitter.[4]


Oh, girl, you know I'd never mean to hurt ya
When you're sad, you know I'd never desert ya
You were my angel, my beautiful dove

We spiraled high on a gust of love
And I knew right from the start
Nothing could tear us apart
Til the day you broke my heart

And now it's... too little too late


  • This is the first duet song in the series.
  • This is the first song Marco has sung in the show.
    • This is also the first song sung by Tom.
  • In "Friendenemies", this song's vocals are provided by Adam McArthur (Marco) and Rider Strong (Tom). In "Just Friends", the vocals are provided by series songwriter/composer Brian H. Kim.
  • Whenever this song has been used within the series and the ones who are singing it reach the lyrics "...Til the day you broke my heart...", it is used, primarily, to put emphasis on the moments when a character is feeling hurt, heartbroken or betrayed.
  • On the BMI Music Repertoire website, this song is listed as work #23555022.


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